F1 2012 MegaPatch - NOW READY!

Posted by elio2012 
F1 2012 MegaPatch - NOW READY!
Date: May 03, 2022 11:37PM
Posted by: elio2012
Hi all

Earlier than I expected, the 2012 F1 megaPatch is now ready for downloading ...

Download F1 2012

It has two track sets and two sets of Bitmaps so you can race all 20 races by swapping in and out the right files.

I am really pleased to be able to use the special 2012 TV graphics, so praise and thanks to whoever make those back in the day.

I am now well into completing F1 2005, which will be my next release, in a few weeks time. I'll then be working on F1 1988 as a main project and perhaps starting on F1 1967 or F1 1974.

Hope you enjoy.

Re: F1 2012 MegaPatch - NOW READY!
Date: May 05, 2022 03:32PM
Posted by: Octos
Thank you, as always very good.Maybe interest you and others.

F174-I changed the "BELISSIMA" Ferrari
F180-I changed and created some carsets
F105-I only have this carset because I don't use GP3-2000 anymore
F122-I made some skins(thank you here,steseys,pippozzo and MAT04)

Re: F1 2012 MegaPatch - NOW READY!
Date: May 07, 2022 04:51PM
Posted by: elio2012
Thanks Octos for all of those!
Re: F1 2012 MegaPatch - NOW READY!
Date: May 10, 2022 12:58PM
Posted by: wvdriel
is there a possibility to make the tire-menu visible? In pit when you remove the steering wheel it doesn't appear. Thanks for the great work.
Re: F1 2012 MegaPatch - NOW READY!
Date: May 13, 2022 07:59PM
Posted by: elio2012
Hi Wvdriel

Thanks for spotting this. I have now fixed it. This version also has they Sky sports logos changed to correct F1 logo.
Also enclosed is an excel sheet to record you results through the year and desktop Icon of Vettel's helmet.
All my Megapatches had excel sheets and logos of this nature. If anyone wants any of these, let me know.

UPDATED F1 2012 MegaPatch

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