Strange Race

Posted by alvaro_degas 
Strange Race
Date: May 05, 2021 01:29PM
Posted by: alvaro_degas
I've raced at Imola 2020 (by tsauer) and a very strange thing happenned.

The wheather was a light rain. All drivers started with intermediate tyres.

But after the first stop, I returned with intermediantes. The rain were persisting.

However, all others drivers returned using dry compounds.

So, they become 5 to 10 seconds slower than me.

I don't know why they did this stupid choice.

Did anybody here find something like this before?
Re: Strange Race
Date: May 07, 2021 06:47PM
Posted by: Orloff
Alvaro, I only have to say, this game is a box of tricks.

For all these years I've seen such things as the double pit-stops, unbelievable stupid strategies or, on the other hand, genius udercuts, I can remember the case when the leader
runs out of fuel on track ( belini/holemad Hungary a couple years ago ) with proper magic data inserted and where anything like that never happend before and after,
with totally right performance files and so on...
Maybe, your case is a one from that row ) It's not because of the track, I think.

I like racing when the weather changes, though I have another problem - the game sometimes stopped saving the weather conditions, so the playback goes wrong.
Or the conditions were saved but my car runs out of track... I tried to check it out but wasn't a great succes.
So I prefer rain only in qualifying.

A week ago I've raced the Tsauer Imola ( GP3-2k ) in similar conditions but from dry to heavy rain. There were some rivals' spins around, but I cannot say they were too slow.
The track is fine, though I never was extremely lucky at Imola at all ) Guess what happened? Playback was lost at 22th lap when the rain began harder, thogh I didn't break the drive
by intermediate saves or reloads, running from start to finish...

So, the strange things happens. Moreover, if they would they obviously could )
Re: Strange Race
Date: May 15, 2021 02:27AM
Posted by: TGF1Driver2
I remeber also one race in original Monza 2001 where a strange pit stop bug that has happened never before and after as well caused me to retire without fuel as my teammate was blocking the boxes and in the end it was the first and only victory for a Minardi I have ever seen in GP4! ;) Okay, it was GP4 and not GP3, but I just wanted to add this here. ;-)
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