Performance files

Posted by elio2012 
Performance files
Date: January 26, 2021 11:02PM
Posted by: elio2012
Hi all

I am in the middle of a major revision to my F1 1985 MegaPatch. It was the first one I made back in 2006. Since then, my skills have improved, and I have access to better reference materials, so I wanted to bring that to a definitive upgrade.

I am really going for it and making every car livery and helmet variation (= 18 or more carset variations), upgrades to menu and team art, plus track Jams - where possible and needed.

I have the performance files set for 1986, downloaded from this site. DOES ANYONE HAVE A SET FOR 1985? I expect not, but worth asking.
I may make a set myself, but it looks like a very fiddly and time consuming job. ANY TIPS on how to make this process as painless as possible?
Or is there no shortcut, will i need to experiment with changing values in gp3 edit and then transferring those values to a perf file?

Any ideas much appreciated. NB- I am aiming to have F1 1985 2.0 available to download by the end of Feb, if not sooner.


Re: Performance files
Date: February 03, 2021 08:55PM
Posted by: mike60
you are looking for the 1985 performance Pack? Because maybe I could help you.


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Re: Performance files
Date: February 05, 2021 12:08AM
Posted by: elio2012
mike60 Wrote:
> you are looking for the 1985 performance Pack?
> Because maybe I could help you.
> Michel

that would be great if you can. My email is if you'd like to get in touch.

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