Crash to Desktop – gpxpload files

Posted by Javier 
Crash to Desktop – gpxpload files
Date: July 11, 2020 10:53PM
Posted by: Javier
I am having problems with few tracks (always the same ones) that keep crashing to desktop most of the times on the first couple of laps.
I am saving the gpxload files and I have questions:

Can somebody guide me on how to read these files so I can understand the root cause of the problem and therefore try to find a possible solution?

Side Note: I noted that most of the times it happens when other CC cars (or myself) get into accidents.
With that being is graphic related?...Is it my computer?...why only on some tracks (but always the same ones)?

Thanks in advance for any help

Re: Crash to Desktop – gpxpload files
Date: July 12, 2020 04:37AM
Posted by: evroic
Hi Javier

GPxPacth ( GPxPacth tab and GPxTrack )

Solution: "Enable debug mode" + "log file verbosity: Low" + "'Max. Track length: 10km"

I believe this solves the problem. Let me know if it worked.

I will try to talk to Dirk


Evandro ( Brazil )

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Re: Crash to Desktop – gpxpload files
Date: July 17, 2020 04:59AM
Posted by: Javier
Thank you Evandro,
I know I have Debug Mode "ON" but I think my Log File Verbosity is on "High" and I use the track length of 10 km or higher only in few tracks
I will double check everything and we will see what happens
Thanks again !!
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