GP3 2k Carshapes with GP3 113 ?

Posted by pippozzo 
GP3 2k Carshapes with GP3 113 ?
Date: May 26, 2020 04:16PM
Posted by: pippozzo
Hello EveryBody, how u doing Guys.
I have a couple of carshapes for GP3 2000 season I downoladed, but I would use them for GP3 1.13.
I don't know why, despite the careditor I use (3.7) correctly setted on gp3 113 patch level,
and He gave to me the capabilities to export the carshape in the game, but when I try to start a race on some circuit,
the game crash. I also tryied use the carshapes in the GpXPatch (4.44 is mine), and crash gain.
Is there anymode to use correctly the 2k carshape in the game 113 version ?
Re: GP3 2k Carshapes with GP3 113 ?
Date: May 26, 2020 10:40PM
Posted by: pippozzo
ok. I ll post some of them tomorrow. thanks.
just confirming. supposing I export ctf from the gp32k file cs3,
how can I load it with gpxpatch? usually I have to put the cs3 path file there.
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