Logitech Wingman GP Force - switched pedals issue

Posted by magus76 
Logitech Wingman GP Force - switched pedals issue
Date: May 15, 2020 10:11AM
Posted by: magus76

I've installed GP3 to my old PC (win XP on board) so my son could enter the simracing world.

Unfortunately there is an issue with the Wingman pedals - in the game they are switched. Pressing right pedal results in breaking and acceleration is on the left.

I tried inversing polarisation in the Logitech profiler but it doesn't work.
Also tried to switch assignement of the pedals - doesn't work either. Looks like Profiler doesn't work at all.

However when I played GP3 years ago with yellow Wingman - I had no such issues (or solved them somehow).

Any idea how to fix this?


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So, am I understanding it right, that even if you selected in GP3 the correct axis (based on axis movement when you press the pedals), it would still be wrong? That's strange.

Anyway, do you have the 1.13 patch installed too? That helps with controller support and stuff like this
did you tried it options\special with user defined controller?
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