Running Problems

Posted by gfbusch 
Running Problems
Date: April 07, 2020 02:53AM
Posted by: gfbusch
Hi, guys!

I corrected a 14 years mistake: be part of this forum.

But, maybe my delay cost me a lot.

Back to 2000's middle, everything was running perfectly on my old computer. Now, with quarantine, i have decided to revive my favorite game.

Unfortunately I lost my game CD and try to run a lot of files I downloaded but I'm wishing an updated game.

In my windows 10 computer (sad), I have the graphics problem so I need to calibrate every time I launch the game. Althought, the "original" version is running well.

The problem happen when I try to update to 2020 carset, downloaded from here. I open GP3 Edit end load the 2020 carset file, but I can't export it to the game.

Sometimes the exportation runs well but sometimes GP3 Edit stops. When it exports with no problem, only the drivers and teams numbers/names are updated, but graphics no.

Can anyone help me? Am I doing something wrong or is there any problem with some software I downloaded?

Thanks a lot!
Re: Running Problems
Date: April 07, 2020 02:20PM
Posted by: Orloff
If GP3Edit didn't work, I think you need the jam files already renewed for 2020 to replace your defaults.

I can send you the ready pack but I need to know do you use GPxPatch or not,
what version of the game you have, 1.13 or 2000,
and what do you learn about game file structure to make the easy instructions for you how to make it.

Without GP3Edit, that's quite a lot to do manually, but it's not as hard as the exploits of Hercules ))
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