No FFB on my G29 - What do?

Posted by ThePanzafahra 
No FFB on my G29 - What do?
Date: March 26, 2020 01:20PM
Posted by: ThePanzafahra
Hey, so the title says it all basically.
I got a Logitech G29 recently (actually at the beginning of the year) and I got everything to work in GP3 - even the clutch pedal!
The only thing that keeps me from enjoying it as much as I enjoyed it with my G27 is ... the lack of Force Feedback.
I know the G29 uses another software compared to the G25/27, as it uses Logitech Gaming Software instead of the old Profiler, but is there a way to get the FFB drivers to pick up commands and data from the old GP3 games?
The same issue might apply to GP32K and GP4, but i haven't tried those yet.

Currently my GP3 settings are "Enabled, 50% strength, Wheel does not pull left".

Thank you all for any help!
Re: No FFB on my G29 - What do?
Date: May 23, 2020 04:46PM
Posted by: ThePanzafahra

So, does nobody know how to fix the utter lack of FFB in Grand Prix 3/GP32K? Or would it require some sort of file patch?
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