My GP2/GP3 Tools are now Open Source

Posted by paulhoad 
My GP2/GP3 Tools are now Open Source
Date: March 18, 2020 04:11PM
Posted by: paulhoad
Its been some time since I did anything in this community, You all done an amazing job to keep these games alive, I love seeing all your car images and track screenshots. I very rarely get to play the GP games, but I'm in awe of your enthusiasm, dedication, commitment and the things you produce.

Having realized I hadn't worked on any of my tools in almost 2 decades (I had kids etc..). I decided that probably the time was right to "Open Source" them.

This proved to be much harder than I expected after I realized that I didn't actually have a copy of the source code any more. After several days of panic that perhaps it was lost forever, I've been back through some old hard-drives and eventually found "some" versions enough to build them.

You need to remember this was C++ and MFC from the late 1990's to 2000's, of course it didn't build with a modern compiler as it was last built with Visual Studio 6.0 (This isn't my finest code I must admit, I'm 22+ years older than when I started this stuff) I've managed to rebuild using Visual Studio 2017/19 (you should be able to use the free community editions).

For nearly all the tools I've been unable to find the very latest version, so you might find the tools are less capable than the online binaries (the GP3 car editor is missing some things from the tree).
(I'm sorry, I'm still hunting to see if I have a copy of that source code, but I'm afraid 25 year old hard drives don't really like to even spin up, there is a lesson for all of us!)

Effective immediately you can find GP2 CarEditor, GP3 CarEditor and GP2 Object Editor available on


I do have the source for at least A version of the GP3 TrackEditor and GP2 TrackEditor (not the latest for either but close enough) and I will upload them when I've got them building in Visual Studio.

I will remove all the "register" stuff, and I intend for them all to have an MIT license.

I don't yet know what level of support I'll have for them, for now fork the repo then I'll see depending on the level of interest.

But the most important thing for me what that this source wasn't lost forever, and I felt maybe at this time with everyone "self isolating" this might give people something creative to think about..

I have some other tools which I will consider uploading (GrandPrix Legends Editor,TOCAEditror) which I could consider uploading if there is interest from the wider community.


Your fan..

Paul Hoad

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Re: My GP2/GP3 Tools are now Open Source
Date: March 18, 2020 04:59PM
Posted by: shlund
What a surprise(Y)(G):-) ...a topic from the 'master' (H)

I have used your editors on 'novice' level and just wanted to say thank you very much for these fantastic tools for the GPx-series.

Other editiors would be a good idea. Many older games like TOCA2 I think now are abandonware and can be downloaded for free. With some modyfications they might work on newer OS...

Thank you once again for your work :-)
Re: My GP2/GP3 Tools are now Open Source
Date: March 19, 2020 08:17AM
Posted by: drafi5
Thank you for your tools Paul, it is good to hear from you again and hope you are okay.

Kind regards

Re: My GP2/GP3 Tools are now Open Source
Date: March 20, 2020 12:28PM
Posted by: Orloff
Paul Hoad Himself, I can't believe it )

Thank you so much for all your work,

The Game is still alive because of You!
Re: My GP2/GP3 Tools are now Open Source
Date: March 20, 2020 05:38PM
Posted by: Jarno_Trulli
What an unexpected surprise!
Thanks so much for your efforts in finding and converting the sources in more recent format.

I remark Orloff, without you editors GP3 (and GP2) wouldn't have such future...
Re: My GP2/GP3 Tools are now Open Source
Date: May 20, 2020 04:33PM
Posted by: Rod_vs
Paul Hoad... thanks a lot for editors, specially GP3 Track Editor!!

As Orloff said, "the game is still alive because of you"!!

One Racing driver and team manager
GPGSL-3: champion in 2007/2013/2014!
GPGSL-4: testdrivers champion in Season 11!
Re: My GP2/GP3 Tools are now Open Source
Date: May 20, 2020 06:14PM
Posted by: JRAJ19
Paul Hoad. Thank you for all the works you've done to keep these great games going.
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