Sharing my Personal GP3 Archive, google drive 15gb of crap

Posted by ipswich2007 
Hi guys,

Unfortunately I no longer play this game, but I didn't want to delete the massive collection of crap I have collected for modifying this masterpiece

So below is a link to over 15GB of Grand Prix 3, cars carsets carshapes, tracks, everything I've ever collected over 17 years of playing this game



Lemme know if the link fails


Hi, Nathan,
Link works fine, thanks. Beautiful collection of golden "crap" :)
And thanks once again for your help (not so) long ago.
All the best,
I saw this link and I'm downloading this awesome collection.
When I was on this site at least 5/6/7 years ago (I forgot my old username) I saw your works Ipswich so thank you for your contributions to this great game.
Hi, Nathan,

Thank you very much for making your files available. (Y)

Best regards

Evandro ( Brazil )
thank you very much for sharing your stuff, Nathan :)(Y)
Thanks for all these files and for your brilliant help back in the day.
All the best!

Elio / Philip
Thank you very much!
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