GP2 to GP3 conversions

Posted by shlund 
GP2 to GP3 conversions
Date: February 21, 2020 11:17AM
Posted by: shlund
Some new conversions were made of the following tracks:

- a little package with winter tracks for testing only.

- Croft circuit, Great Britain

- Rockingham Infield, Great Britain

- Puebla Infield, Mexico

- NOLA Motorsportspark, Louisianna, USA

They will soon be available in download section 'CART and other tracks' ...

NOTE: It would be nice to have a new .dat of the present Anglesey circuit in Wales for the Caterham MOD : []
AND : also the Snetterton with the newest present layout for the Caterham series: [] and []

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Re: GP2 to GP3 conversions
Date: March 17, 2020 01:36PM
Posted by: shlund
Soon available in download section ' CART and other tracks' you will find a new conversion of the Varano Circuit, Italy.

Big thanks to Evroic for a fine conversion. A few items/objects is placed on the track but it is not authentic at all. You'll find some bugs (pit exit) and no scenery outside the fences (as usual).

Formula E team ABT Audi had used this track for testing purpose and therefore I made a Test version with Formula E teams.

Also a very simple 1997-version was made with only a limited amount of adverts on track.
Re: GP2 to GP3 conversions
Date: March 17, 2020 09:04PM
Posted by: evroic
Team radio: "veramente fantastico" ;)

Evandro ( Brazil )
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