How to update the JAM Files (xx) structure of the DAT file with another JIP

Posted by evroic 

I need to change in line 5 of the "JAM files (xx)" structure of the DAT from "gamejips\gridline.jip" to "gamejips\gridleft.jip"

I am trying to rename and I am not able to do that.

I don't remember well but it seems that in the case of JIP files the procedure is different from what is done with JAM files.

Anyone know how to do this?

The only way I was able to do that was by copy the "gridleft.jip" file to the "gp3jams\new folder" and that way I managed to rename the line.

I wanted to keep the file in the gamejips folder and just change the line name to "gamejips\gridleft.jip"

Thanks for the help

Evandro ( Brazil )

I finally found the answer to that challenge.
I used the "HexEditor" tool to edit the DAT file.

1 - Download the "HexEditor" tool => Download here
2 - Unzip the file
3 - Run frhed.exe
4 - File - Open - locate your DAT file - click Open
5 - Locate on the right side of the screen the name of the folder or path you want to change (ex: gamejips\gridline.jip)
6 - select with the mouse gamejips\gridline.jip
7 - Edit - Replace (note that at the top it will show what was selected)
8 - At the bottom write what will be replaced (ex: gamejips\gridleft.jip)
9 - Click on the REPLACE button (note that the change was made)
10 - Close this screen
11 - File - Save as
12 - File - Exit

Open your new DAT file and see that the line has been changed

Now just move the file to the new folder

Another case solved

Evandro ( Brazil )

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Well done Sherlock !!!

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