IMSA 2020

Posted by Orloff 
IMSA 2020
Date: February 06, 2020 12:38PM
Posted by: Orloff
Daytona 2020

IMSA 2020 Daytona ( inc. cars, cockpits, helmets, Team Arts, new tyres etc. )

Daytona 2020 carsets

see also in Downloads/Season packages

Daytona International Speedway 2019-20 updated, track by Zieli

Daytona 2019-20 renewed

see also in Downloads/CART and other tracks
Re: IMSA 2020
Date: February 12, 2020 01:04PM
Posted by: Orloff
One more updates for Zieli's Daytona Infield including 2018 version, some details changed

2018 carsets updated - the carskins & Continental tyres

Let/s try Mediafire from now on
Daytona 2018-20

also in Downloads/Cart & Other Tracks

Daytona 2018 IMSA carsest versions with regular & guest teams
IMSA 2018 Daytona carsets Upd

also in Downloads/Season Packages

2019 IMSA ArtTool Game Menu

2020 IMSA ArtTool Game Menu
Re: IMSA 2020
Date: February 13, 2020 12:59PM
Posted by: drafi5
Thank you very much for the updates and uploading to MediaFire !!!

Kind regards

Re: IMSA 2020
Date: July 17, 2020 02:59PM
Posted by: Orloff
Round two, Daytona Weather Tech 240, line-up and liveries changes

IMSA 2020 Daytona II CS

Re: IMSA 2020
Date: July 23, 2020 01:58PM
Posted by: Orloff
Round three, Sebring Cadillac Grand Prix

IMSA 2020 Sebring CS

Liveries changed

Sebring renewed for 2020, track by Knud Bruun Poulsen/Zieli

Sebring International Raceway 2020

Re: IMSA 2020
Date: August 21, 2020 01:40PM
Posted by: Orloff
Re: IMSA 2020
Date: September 16, 2020 11:49AM
Posted by: Orloff
Round Five, Petit Le Mans

Road Atlanta 2020

( track by Marino Cervini )

2020 IMSA CS Petit Le Mans

Re: IMSA 2020
Date: October 12, 2020 01:46PM
Posted by: Orloff
Re: IMSA 2020
Date: November 01, 2020 02:05PM
Posted by: Orloff
Road Atlanta, Petite Le Mans, race two

Road Atlanta 2020 PLM 2

IMSA 2020 CS Petit Lemans 2

( carskins updated )

Re: IMSA 2020
Date: November 05, 2020 01:36PM
Posted by: Orloff
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