France Track - Nogaro => CC-Line Update

Posted by evroic 
France Track - Nogaro => CC-Line Update
Date: December 29, 2019 07:22PM
Posted by: evroic
Hello everyone.

I found in my good old HD some old tracks and decided to play GP3 again. I couldn't stay away from GP3 for long. The good memories are back.

So I want to share this return with a gift.

I updated the CC-Line of Nogaro track !!!!!

Actually I found a GP2 DAT with CC-Line modified by "CAP" and then I converted it to GP3 and updated the existing ones.

I also took the opportunity to place the grid lines and adjust the width of the track.

I contacted Shlund who has already uploaded the files.

Nogaro by Zieli + CC Line Fix by Evroic.rar => []

Nogaro by Shlund + CC-Line Fix by Evroic.rar => []


1- Dylan converted from GP2 to GP3 (BETA)
2- Zieli made minor corrections for the track to work. It was a request made in the forum. (FIX BY ZIELI)
3- Shlund updated the graphics of the Zieli version and made Formula E and Winter as well. (UPDATE BY SHLUND)
4- Evroic updated the CC-line, adjusted the track width and grid line. (FIX BY EVROIC)

Here is the Zieli post: []

Re: Looking for Nogaro (GP2 .dat file)
Date: December 31, 2014 03:04 AM
Posted by: Zieli [PM]

I found 2 necessary corrections:
- move command 0x87 Connect PitLaneEnd from track section 5 into section 4
- move command 0x96 PitLane Speed Limiter On from PitLane section 9 into section 8

the ctd when leaving the track (should only happen to GP3 113) can be solved by erasing the jam-file 100 gamejips \ yardbrk5.jip
and removing command 0xe8 Map Jip onto track surface from track section 33 and PitLane section 5

That's all for now. If there is news I will let everyone know.

Evandro ( Brazil )

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Re: France Track - Nogaro => CC-Line Update
Date: December 29, 2019 07:36PM
Posted by: drafi5
Welcome back again Sherlock !!!

Re: France Track - Nogaro => CC-Line Update
Date: December 29, 2019 07:38PM
Posted by: evroic
Very important detail is required to assist with installation.

Version made by Shlund

JAM files are in the following packages.

Nogaro 2004 => GP2 to GP3 conversions (4.5 MB)

Formula E => Nogaro Formula E.rar (215.6 KB)

Winter => Winter Test (8.15 MB)

* * * If there is any difficulty let me know and I will assemble the package. * * *

Evandro ( Brazil )
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