Grand Prix 3 - Installing & Updating It on Modern Machines

Posted by Guimengo 

I was wondering if now, almost 20 years after its release and very sparse on-going support, there was a tutorial or guide pointing to getting this game going and also updated to the latest standards available? High-resolution patches for cars, helmets, tires, pitcrews and tracks (of the stock 1998 season), potential updates to the polygon cap, etc?
unluckily some important features where unsolvable for the hard trying community here. myself is still hoping for a "reverse SW engineer-hero" to come and lift the fps up to 60 and do some other tweaks here and there. Biggest wishes are Multiplayer or 16:9 HD..

Beside that borders it´s an incredible full of racing-series and year related cars/tracks consisting game until today -born by a huge amount of modders and the spirit of sharing :)

Best guide here:

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