Converting.bmp files to.jam

Posted by LDR647 
Converting.bmp files to.jam
Date: October 19, 2019 01:34PM
Posted by: LDR647
New member here. Been playing GP3 (badly) on and off for a few years now. Recently got a cheap gaming machine and installed Windows 7 x64 (don't like Windows 8 or 10). After I set the compatibility to XP SP3, admin. rights, set Nvidia CP to switch off all FSAA, GP3 works well with PO at 20-30% at the start of races. Noticed this purple ring on the inside of the tyres. So I downloaded from here This restores the Goodyear tyres perfectly by inserting whblur0.bmp and whblur1.bmp into \GP3jamsH\TechJam\.... I also inserted the blacked out whbridg0.bmp and whbridg1.bmp into the same folder. Then I found on page 79 of the GP3 forum another fix called simply tyres.rar by someone called ErickVonDraxeler under a thread called 'purple tyres - help' by Ipswich2007. I noticed that the two different types of tyres in this modification were Bridgestone (whbridg0.bmp and whbridg1.bmp) and Michelin tyres substituted for the Goodyears (whblur0.bmp and whblur1.bmp). So I deleted the blanked out Bridgestone tyres from \GP3jamsH\TechJam\.... and put the new tyres.rar instead. I deleted the whblur0.bmp and whblur1.bmp which were Michelin tyres and substituted the whblur0.bmp and whblur1.bmp (Goodyear tyres) from In the tyres.rar there is also a folder \GP3jams\Main\.... this has the updated Bridgestone files whbridg0.jam and whbridg1.jam but it also has whblur0.jam and whblur1.jam which are Michelin tyres. If I overwrite these with the original Goodyear tyres from the CD I get strange dots all over the tyres. Deleting them gets rid of the tyres altogether. So what I am looking for is a download of a Goodyear whblur0.jam and whblur1.jam or a way to convert whblur0.bmp and whblur1.bmp (not the original ones on the game CD but the ones) into whblur0.jam and whblur1.jam. As it is the Goodyear tyres have an overlay of Michelin ones which looks terrible. Any assistance would be much appreciated.
Re: Converting.bmp files to.jam
Date: October 22, 2019 10:13PM
Posted by: deguinha
If you are using GP3Edit, don't export the internal Hardware Wheel Graphics tires (in the wheels tab)) directly.

Note that you will generate a .bmp for whxx0 and another .bmp for whxx1 images. Observe that whxx0 is the "stopped" tire image, while whxx1 is the "running" tire image.

You have to save these tires graphics in .bmp files.

Then open these files and see a purple thin strip in the middle of the image, plus a large puble strip in the right side.

Edit the image by replacing the purples stripes with some tire texture (this can be done easily with Gimp or similar)

Save this file over whblur0.bmp, whblur1.bmp, whblidg0.bmp or whbridg1.bmp according you want to replace original goodyear or bridgestone tires respectively.

Re: Converting.bmp files to.jam
Date: October 26, 2019 12:58PM
Posted by: LDR647
The problem I have is not purple tyres in the cockpit view. By using the and the tyres.rar by ErickVonDraxeler I have eliminated this problem. It's only in wet races that the Goodyear tyres have 2 vertical yellow lines that I can't seem to get rid of. This problem does not occur using substitutes of Michelin or Pirelli tyres instead of the Goodyears. I have had considerable help from a member via PM on this forum and still this relatively minor issue is unresolved.
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