Cockpit shapes in GP3 2000

Posted by elio2012 
Cockpit shapes in GP3 2000
Date: September 22, 2019 10:08PM
Posted by: elio2012

Has anyone had success in changing the cockpit shape (as seen from the drivers view) in GP3 2000?
I have done it many times in GP3, but when I export a new carshape in GP3 2000 it never takes the cockpit changes.
This is a shame as I would like to change to a square and flat cockpit shape for F1 2018 and 2012 which I am working on.
Any ideas?


Re: Cockpit shapes in GP3 2000
Date: May 16, 2020 12:22PM
Posted by: evroic
Hi Elio

How to use the GP3 1.13 cockpit in the GP3 2k carshpe

Importnt: This procedure should be done only with version 4.51 of GPxPatch and those that come after. Previous versions do not work !!!

See the ChangeLog below on the website - []

GPxSet: Added experimental cockpit shape patch for GP3-2000. Use the GP3 car shape file (!) To specify the cockpit.

This is to be done with GP3 2K !!!!

Let´s begin

You will need 2 carshpes
One will be used for the extended part of the car (in this case GP3 2K)
The other will be for the inside of the car (in this case it will be from GP3 1.13)

I'll use as an example:
GP32k => Carshape 2004 gen - GP32k.cs3
GP3 1.13 => Universal carshape late 70's - GP3.cs3

Put your files in the folder for example "gpxpdata\pnl\carshape"


Configure GPxPatch in GPxSet with the GP3 2000 carshape !!!


Edit the "gpxset.ini" file
This file is in the gpxpdata folder
In the item below the line in red must be added !!!
This line does not exist !!!
Remembering that the file name "cs3" was from the example mentioned

Enable = 1
Carshape = gpxpdata\pnl\carshape\Carshape 2004 gen - GP32k.cs3
Cockpit = gpxpdata\pnl\carshape\CarshapeUniversal carshape late 70's - GP3.cs3

Here in this test I made the F1 car of 2004 have the cockpit of the 70s

Let me know if you managed to make it work.
Any questions I am available.
I hope I helped you.


Evandro ( Brazil )

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