MegaPatch F1 2018 - DOWNLOAD NOW!

Posted by elio2012 
MegaPatch F1 2018 - DOWNLOAD NOW!
Date: September 14, 2019 09:07PM
Posted by: elio2012
Hi all

As it is taking me longer than I expected to finish my megapach for 2018, I thought it would be a good idea to share what I have done so far to get some feedback. Menus and tracks are done and basic versions of the the car skins. Merc, Ferrari, Red Bull and Renault have the driver arms, visors, wheels and legs done. There is still a lot to do, but some feedback will give me a boost to finish. Thanks to all those that have made items that I have taken to incorporate into this pack.


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Re: MegaPatch F1 2018 Beta version
Date: September 15, 2019 07:50PM
Posted by: teunieeegp4
Thanks, download it and will be tested it
Re: MegaPatch F1 2018 Beta version
Date: September 22, 2019 05:57PM
Posted by: landex
Big thanks!
Re: MegaPatch F1 2018 - NEARLY DONE!
Date: December 23, 2019 04:40PM
Posted by: elio2012
Hi all

Christmas present is on its way! I am nearly finished completing the Megapatch for 2018.
Just got some cockpits and steering wheels to do. You might wonder why I've done 2018 and not 2019. Well its because it takes me a long time and if I'd started on 2019 in say july, it still would not be ready by Spring 2020. So 2018 is as up to date as i can get.
I will have it done before Jan 1st. Maybe before xmas day, depending on family commitments.



Ps - F1 1984 and F1 2012 are the next in line.
Re: MegaPatch F1 2018 - DOWNLOAD NOW!
Date: December 24, 2019 11:48AM
Posted by: elio2012
Hi there!

Just in time for Christmas, I am pleased to be able to upload the final version of my Megapatch F1 2018.
DOWNLOAD Megapatch F1 2018

I have been working on it on and off since November 2018, it’s taken me a long time! This explains why it’s not a 2019 edition. The upside is that you get to have Alonso in a Mclaren and Leclerc before he when to Ferrari. If people are still making stuff for me to be able to assemble, I’ll probably skip a year or two and make a 2020 or 2021 sometime in the distant future.

Some points about this Megapatch:

There were 21 races in 2018 and you can race all of them, despite the fact that GP3_2000 is set up for only 17. Change the tracks by going to the gpxTrack tab in Gpx on start-up and switching the track sets between ‘early’ and ‘late’ (late includes the last four races of the season). You can change the track map loading screens to match the early or late set of tracks by going to the bitmaps folder and over-writing with the correct images. You can change the main menus to match early or late sets by overwriting and renaming the GP2000v1.bin file.

The biggest frustration is that the carshape does include a halo (for accuracy) but overall is a very poor shape, it does not use the skins properly, distorting them. Its fine for in-car view by trackside views of cars is disappointing. If anyone wants to make a better shape that does justice to the skins but has the halo, please get in touch!

An another point about the halo, the incar view of the halo is not brilliant. Its passable, but its the only one I could find and I am not able to make masks myself to have a go at it. If you have a better one, let me know.

There were only 10 teams taking part in 2018 and GP3 needs 11. So I went back to 2016 and resurrected Manor Racing as the best compromise.

For some drivers there are more than one arm graphics to choose from. Swap them around within the folder. I might make a blue set of Bottas gloves. By the way, you should be able to see custom visors, arms, legs and steering wheels for all drivers. If you can’t it might be because of the naming of the files in your set up of GPX.

Lastly, I always care in choosing the music for each patch. It has to be music that came out the same year or the year before. I have chosen some less known tracks. One by Beck called ‘Dreams’, from Ride called ‘Lannoy Point’ and lastly ‘Find Me’ by Sigma.

Suggestions for improvement welcome.

Happy racing! (Happy Christmas!)

Re: MegaPatch F1 2018 - DOWNLOAD NOW!
Date: December 26, 2019 01:06AM
Posted by: BrunoFangio
Hi Elio,

It is a pleasure to have more material from you, I would love to try the 2018 megapatch but I don't know if it's only for GP32000 or if I can also use it on GP3 v1.13. Let me know when you can :)

Cheers and happy holidays from Argentina.
Re: MegaPatch F1 2018 - DOWNLOAD NOW!
Date: December 26, 2019 12:25PM
Posted by: elio2012
Hi BrunoFangio

This megapatch is built around GP3 2000. If fact, when you download the package you don't really get a patch, you get the whole game already patched to match 2018. So if you don't have GP3 2000 now, you will have once you download.
My patches use original GP3 up to 1991 and after that (1994) all years use GP3 2000 as it gives options that are especially useful after that point such as 3D pits and more detail pit crews plus the ability to run 17 tracks. I also like to use the Belini tracks which work best of GP3 2000.

If you have problems, just let me know and i will try to help if I can.

Feliz Navidad!

Re: MegaPatch F1 2018 - DOWNLOAD NOW!
Date: December 26, 2019 04:43PM
Posted by: quickslick
thank you elio for all your hard work with the megapatch. I much appreciate what you've done :)
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