Can't use Frischkorn '98 set no matter what I do.

Posted by smakdab2 
Can't use Frischkorn '98 set no matter what I do.
Date: July 29, 2019 06:59AM
Posted by: smakdab2
- Downloaded two part set from EMAC.
- Installed recommended carshape fine.
- Downloaded gp3edit (273kb .exe file) but W10 just says , "this app can't run on your pc". Just a solid brick wall, ran as admin, xp serv pack 3 compatibility, granted as many permissions as I could, you name it, won't run.
- Plan B: Downloaded gp3master, installed fine, but won't recognize .gp3 files from emac site... wants .GMS files instead, can't even see the two files... Think the files were made with gp3edit in mind, even though the readme says otherwise. Another brick wall.

I'm SO close to finalizing my install of grand prix 3, but this problem has me whipped. Wondering if anyone has insights into this? Such a great game, I'm just running it in software mode and it still kicks ass, really hoping to overcome this hurdle!
Figured it out, found the download section with the non-zip gp3edit folder with the multi-utility download. But... For some reason I only get half a software cockpit? half the cockpits are black for some reason... Facepalm... Anyone familiar with this?
Re: Can't use Frischkorn '98 set no matter what I do.
Date: September 06, 2019 02:49PM
Posted by: pippozzo
gp3 edit is available also in pre-unpackagized portable version. search it in .zip version , directly unzip the file in a folder and run gp3edit.exe
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