Hangang Park_South Korea_2004

Posted by evroic 
Hangang Park_South Korea_2004
Date: June 17, 2019 01:13AM
Posted by: evroic

This track was made by Shmok on 31-12-200. He made Portland too.

I have no detail or informtion about it because I do not have the original pack. Drafi5 sent to me only DAT file. He also has nothing about it.

I made contact by mail to Shmok but since this is something very old and he does not play GP3 anymore, he probably does not have this package anymore. If he sends me, I'll make it available here.

I opened the DAT file and saw some lines witn Portjams folder.

Well, if he made Portland with the same folder and files, than I did the same. I chose some files from different Portland versions.

Here is the pack. Like I said, it is not original.

Maybe someone could have this pack or if there is a update version too, please share with us.

Here is my pack: Hangang Park_South Korea_2004

Evandro ( Brazil )

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