Indycar 2019

Posted by steseys 
Indycar 2019
Date: March 21, 2019 10:43PM
Posted by: steseys
Somebody working on indycar
I have new carshape
Re: Indycar 2019
Date: April 30, 2019 03:19PM
Posted by: Orloff
Fell from event horizon because of hardware decease ) Now alive and kicking again))

I've managed only first round so far

1. StPetersberg

StPetersberg 2019

Indycar 2019 carsets

2019 Indycar Liveries StPete

to be continued...
Re: Indycar 2019
Date: April 30, 2019 04:18PM
Posted by: drafi5
403 Forbidden

Why can't I download the files ???
I heard Zippyshare blocks Germans.

kind regards

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Re: Indycar 2019
Date: April 30, 2019 04:45PM
Posted by: Orloff
Very strange... Need to search for another data storage. For now, you can give me E-mail for sending files, as a variant...
Re: Indycar 2019
Date: May 01, 2019 08:37AM
Posted by: drafi5
I hope that Zippyshare will stop blocking German IP addresses soon,
found a way to download the files.

Kind regards

Re: Indycar 2019
Date: May 03, 2019 01:16PM
Posted by: Orloff
Round Two, Austin COTA

Austin COTA Indycar

Liveries changed:

Austin 2019 Indycar Carskins

seems I forgot to insert cockpits in the carset )

Indycar 2019 cockpits

... And who could forecast that Rookie win in outsider team car with such a strange livery ?))

Re: Indycar 2019
Date: May 17, 2019 03:58PM
Posted by: Orloff
Round Three, Barber

Barber Motorsport Park 2019

Round Four, Long Beach

Long Beach 2019

Also, more palms instead of common trees at StPetersburg )

StPete 2019 updated
Re: Indycar 2019
Date: May 23, 2019 02:47PM
Posted by: Orloff
Round Five, Indycar GP at IMS Infield

2019 IMS Indycar GP & Austin 2019 upd

( Austin, previously downloaded, included wrong .dat file )

Indycar GP 2019 carskins

Indycar 2019 helmets upd
Re: Indycar 2019
Date: June 03, 2019 02:36PM
Posted by: Orloff
Round six, Indy 500

Indycar 2019 INDY 500 carsets

IMS renewed

Magic Data was changed, so the full race is about one hour and a half now ( 126 laps ),
no more stupid CC-cars crashes

Indy 500 2019 renewed

and new game menu 2019 Indycar ArtTool Menu
Re: Indycar 2019
Date: June 06, 2019 01:20PM
Posted by: Orloff
Re: Indycar 2019
Date: June 14, 2019 01:22PM
Posted by: Orloff
Belle Isle, as most of old tracks, don't give much possibilities to renew without global changes in .dat file -
just trying to make it more contemporary

Detroit Dual 2019 version 2
Re: Indycar 2019
Date: June 17, 2019 12:12AM
Posted by: AustinF1
Is this stuff available on mediafire? Is the St Pete track complete (with all the trackside scenery, stands, fans, etc?)
Re: Indycar 2019
Date: June 23, 2019 03:32PM
Posted by: elio2012
I can't seem to download any of the files. Any help available?
Re: Indycar 2019
Date: June 23, 2019 05:12PM
Posted by: Orloff
Some time ago I've got a permission to put the files in Download section, soon it will be available there
Re: Indycar 2019
Date: July 12, 2019 01:00PM
Posted by: Orloff
Round 9 - Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth

Texas Motor Speedway 2019 NewLook

Indycar TMS 2019 carskins

Round 10 - Road America, Elkhart Lake

Road America 2019 renewed

Indycar RA carskins 2019
Re: Indycar 2019
Date: July 12, 2019 06:22PM
Posted by: bigpopopof
Hello everyone or can I find the used carshape for the 2019 oval and road indycar. Thank you very much for your answer.
Re: Indycar 2019
Date: July 19, 2019 04:11PM
Posted by: Orloff
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