Request for help for car set changes and car shapes

Posted by skateaway 
Request for help for car set changes and car shapes
Date: November 30, 2018 11:23PM
Posted by: skateaway
Hello everyone
If possible I ask for help as I am a beginner and not an expert in GP3.

- If I wanted to create a new F1 carset, what criterion will determine the performance values of the cars and the drivers to be inserted in the GP3edit.
Opening a new car set, under performance I find already inserted values, example Drivers performance qualification/race 16100, Range 128, car performance qualification/race 770
What is the choice of the minimum or maximum performance value to be set and put in the car set?

- Is it possible to play GP3 also with other forms of cars other than the F1 single-seater, example DTM or WTCC, changing the shape of the car and the cockpit?
If you can, where you can find these forms of cars, cockpit and what is the procedure and how you run and proceeds to replace the current F1 single-seater with new shapes?

Is there any tutorial that explains in detail these procedures?

Thanks in advance to everyone.
Re: Request for help for car set changes and car shapes
Date: December 02, 2018 12:49PM
Posted by: pippozzo
by standard, starting without experience,
you can have mind about the values of 1998 default in game.
The maximum should be 16200-16300 and minimum about 15000. Range is a standard deviation (something like RMS), and rapresents how much statistically the value of performance is accurate, if range is high the driver is not constant in average, otherwise it will keep around the value of its performance.

The engine power depends by many factors, it changes in years of F1 and differents mods, but it should be setted considering Engine RPMs, downforce/drag coefficient, and weight of cars, by GP3 Physyc Editor.
Under 500 HP, it will need go up to +1000 in driver's performance, to obtain realistic time. Over 900 HP it will have massive setup modify on gears to avoid over RPM.

For DTM and WTTC I think you can find shapes and Mods around the site and in gp3 form.
have look.
Re: Request for help for car set changes and car shapes
Date: December 05, 2018 10:41PM
Posted by: skateaway
hello, thank you for answering me and for the advice you gave me. regards
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