Why not upload and collect missing carsets to Grandprixgames.org?

Posted by Amador 
Over the last few days several members sent me carsets or carskins that I either forgotten or never even knew existed. (Thanks for that guys, really!)
And these carsets are really high quality work, some of them are amazing, I beleive they should be hosted so everyone can download them.

My question is, why not gather and upload them here? Like I said in the other thread, grandprixgames.org seems to be the last big working site for GP3 downloads, if it goes down like
the other GP3 sites the whole GP3 modding scene would dissappear. Instead of sending these carset through e-mail, why not host them here?

Hi Amador

I think you have a good idea. It would be good to consolidate the various GP3 carsets, mods, tracks, and utilities and host them in 1 location otherwise we are at risk of losing them forever. GP3 stuff is the hardest to find.

1 good thing about grandprix2.de is that they seem to have managed to put all of the GP2 work in 1 location, very lucky that someone took on that project otherwise the hard work and dedication put in by many people over an extended period of time would likely have vanished into cyberspace.
Hi, Amador.
Please, sent me, this carsets or carskins.
My e-mail:eriksantosgoncalves@gmail.com
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