Carshape GP3 1.13 vs GP 2K

Posted by evroic 
Carshape GP3 1.13 vs GP 2K
Date: September 11, 2018 05:39AM
Posted by: evroic
Hello guys.

I need to clarify a big question about the problem I'm having ..

Carshape in GP3 1.13 has not been a problem for me. Sometimes I make some changes between carshapes.

I use the outside of one with the inside of the other.

For example:

For the season of F1 2018 I used the carsahpe "2018 D halo.cs3"

But when watching the carshapes of "F1 2010", "F1 2015" "FE" I realized that each of these has the different internal part (cockpit)

Then I thought. How about having the outside of the F1 2018 car but with the inside of F1 2010?

So I did export and import the CTF and got what I wanted.

I did this with several carshapes .... remembering ... in GP3 1.13

To do this I always use Car Editor 3.7.

To use the new "carshape hybrid", let's call it that way, I use GPxPacth. I do not usually import into GP3.exe

Now comes my questioning about my problem ....

I wanted to do the same thing with GP3 2K but it is not working .... the game crash !!!

I can only change the outside of the car, but the inside does not !!!!

I always end up with the original cockpit of the game.

How do I change the inside of this case? I imagine that the GP3 2000 has something else to do that I do not know.

Can someone help me ?

Here are the files I've done and the images so you can observe what I've done.

GP3 1.13

2018 D halo ( fix by me + F1 2010 )

2018 D halo ( fix by me + F1 2015 )

2018 D halo ( fix by me + FE )

Here are the files Carshape by me

Thank you in advance for your attention.

Evandro ( Brazil )
Re: Carshape GP3 1.13 vs GP 2K
Date: September 11, 2018 02:03PM
Posted by: quickslick
to use the carshapes from gp3 in gp32k you have to 'enable' it in carshape editor first. So first open the gp3 carshape in carshape editor, then export the ctf file and name it to whatever you and. After this, close the carshape editor and open it again. Now you have to point the carshape editor to gp32k direction and very important, you have to mark the patch level gp3 2000. You can now open or import a gp32k carshape and then import the ctf in the carshape. At least you can export to exe or save the new carshape for gp32k. This should work. And if you want to work with the carshapes for gp3 again, you have to point the carshape editor back to your gp3 folder and mark the gp3 patch level again, that's all
Re: Carshape GP3 1.13 vs GP 2K
Date: September 12, 2018 03:54AM
Posted by: evroic
First of all I want to thank you for the contact and the information provided.

I forgot to mention in my description that I had already done the configuration of the "Edit GP3 Patch Level" and the "Edit GP3 Location". Maybe I did some wrong step .....

I did exactly what you recommended but it did not work out.

I had done this before. What I understand in this case is that when exporting the CTF I am exporting the shape of the car ( the outside of the car )

When I import this form into the carshape of the GP3 2000, it takes on the new format but with the original GP3 2000 cockpit.

I have tried everything ... export and import each of the items separately. It still did not work ....

I will change the question .... If I have a carsahpe for GP3 1.13 (like the ones I posted here) how do I convert them to GP3 2000 so that I have the same end result?

Did you try to do it yourself? Did you get the same result for the GP3 2000?

I'll keep trying to find the solution until help arrives ...


Evandro ( Brazil )
Re: Carshape GP3 1.13 vs GP 2K
Date: September 12, 2018 06:45AM
Posted by: evroic
I found this post..... []

but remained unanswered about if it worked or not !!!!

I suppose it's the same case....

Evandro ( Brazil )
Re: Carshape GP3 1.13 vs GP 2K
Date: September 12, 2018 05:07PM
Posted by: quickslick
no, i didn't tried it yet, but maybe you should export the cockpitshape aswell and then import it, after you imported the ctf
Re: Carshape GP3 1.13 vs GP 2K
Date: September 13, 2018 01:25AM
Posted by: evroic
The same old problem here ( year... 2004... ) []

What was the solution ?

Evandro ( Brazil )

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Re: Carshape GP3 1.13 vs GP 2K
Date: September 13, 2018 06:43AM
Posted by: evroic
I am here again

I put aside the GP3 2000 and concentrated all my energies only on GP3 1.13 to try to understand better what is happening.

My test have been made with "Original Carshape" and "F1 2011" ( made by 11marcus and nemesisf1 carshape )

First test:

I exported CTF from Original Carshape and imported it for the F1 2011 Carshape


outside the car: Original car
Inside the car: F1 2011 ( cockpit view )

Second test:

I reversed the order


outside the car: F1 2011
Inside the car: Original car ( cockpit view )

The conclusion I get so far is that exporting the CTF just takes the outside of the car. Like a skin... The inside will not change. ( never )

So when I was doing this procedure in GP3 2000 I always had the original cockpit.

I tried to do tests exporting other items like cameras, but without success ....

From what I understand the carshape F1 2011 has nothing to be exported

Maybe there is a solution to this but I think I would have to get F1 2011 carshape in the GP3 2000 version.

And for example export the CTF of another carsahpe (ex: F1 2018) and import in this one. This would have the shape of F1 2018 in the F1 2011 cockpit.

From what I saw GP3 2000 does not have many options, I only found two carshapes with this feature.

For GP3 version 1.3 there are several types of carshape with cockpit from the 70s and 80s ...

Here all files


I am waiting for your help


Evandro ( Brazil )
Re: Carshape GP3 1.13 vs GP 2K
Date: September 24, 2018 05:09AM
Posted by: evroic

Could someone explain to me why some carshapes do not open in GP3 1.13 or even GP3 2000?

Here are the carshapes so you can see if this happens the same way

Only after doing the Export CTF and then the Import CTF to a carshape that works, these have started to work as well.

The chosen carshape was from original game

Another question I would like to know is if these carshapes had different cockpit of the standard.

By doing the above procedure, I will have the original cockpit of the game.

Any tips?



Evandro ( Brazil )
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