Microprose F1GP (1991) 100% Distance Let's Play (YouTube)

Posted by PWM 
Microprose F1GP (1991) 100% Distance Let's Play (YouTube)
Date: October 03, 2018 10:12PM
Posted by: PWM
Hello everyone!

It's been a long term dream of mine to go trough at least one season of all the Grand Prix games (1-4) with 100% races with no driving helps and driving with wheel and pedals. Hardest difficulty, no restarts.

I used to play the early games in the 90's with a keyboard and it was quite easy to win the championship. A different story with a wheel and no steering assist! (At least with my skills.) It has always bothered me that I never completed an entire season with a proper racing wheel (the way racing sims should be played) in this game series I used to love so much.

I also thought it would be fun to document all this, so I decided to stream the races in YouTube. I have a channel, so I might as well!

I'm using Thrustmaster T500 RS. I'm quite surprised how playable GP1 is with a wheel, although it's also very challenging to stay on the track (at least for me).

So if you're interested to follow the mayhem:

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/TedMeat

The first race of the season in Phoenix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBYi_hgNfXc

I have no schedule for the streams, but if you subscribe and hit the bell icon you'll get notified in advance. If you can't catch the stream, the videos will be available in YT afterwards.

After I'm done with GP1, I'll move to Grand Prix 2 and eventually go trough the entire game series. If streaming racing games in YouTube is quite a niche thing to do, then driving a 30 year old DOS game is a niche thing of a niche thing! So I have no goals for a big audience but it would be great to find some people who might be interested :)

Edit: Just re-named the channel because I wasn't too happy with the old brand. So from this moment I'm now called TED MEAT!

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Race #2 @ Interlagos: [www.youtube.com]
Was a tough one. Again.
(For some reason the sound is a bit off-sync with the video, didn't have that problem in the first race. Dunno why, must look into that as well...)

TED MEAT? Is that a typo? Sure you didn't mean DEAD MEAT, perhaps a reflection on your driving style. :-)

[www.mediafire.com] Some say you should click it, you know you want to. :-) [www.gp4central.com] <----GP4 Central
Pun intended man :) "Ted" kinda resembles my real-life name and "Ted Meat" indeed reflects my driving style. Unfortunately.
After watching the video, I noticed.

[www.mediafire.com] Some say you should click it, you know you want to. :-) [www.gp4central.com] <----GP4 Central
Just watched your race 1 at Phoenix (intermittently whilst working!).
Good work with the uploads!

If I can make a suggestion, after you retire in a race (apologies for Race 1 spoiler!), view the rest of the race in real time instead of accelerated time.
When I saw you had 50 laps to go but only 5 mins of video left, I knew you were about to bite the wall ;-)
Thanks for the tip senna_fan, didn't come to my mind that it would indeed spoil the end result of the race! I will view the rest of the race in real time next time I retire (hopefully never!) :-)

Drove couple of races, one bad and one good. Can you quess which is which (H)

Imola: [www.youtube.com]
Monaco: [www.youtube.com]
For anyone that hasn't watched these videos, they're a great watch!
The commentary through the race about the game/circuit etc is excellent - ended up watching the whole of Monaco!

(Ted Meat - I am "Daryl Lewis" who's commented on some of your YouTube races).
Thank you for the compliments man, great to hear you enjoy!

There might be a break between the videos, just ran a marathon yesterday and my feet are quite sore, can't operate pedals :D Hopefully I'll find time to drive some time next week before I leave for a holiday.

Hopes are not too high for Canada tough, the circuit seems to bee incredibly difficult to drive with a wheel. Especially with a heavy car the fast chicanes are death traps!
Surprisingly I had a chance to race today, so here's the race # 5 - Montreal.

This was by far the most exciting and interesting race I've had this season. A very dramatic beginning of the race and a hard fight through the traffic after that. And at the closing stages of the race, when things finally seem to have settled down - a very surprising turn of events! Check it out:

Great video and race once again!!

I'd never seen that unusual event happen before in the game! (No spoiler from me!)
Is it me or the sound of engine is nicer?
I noticed something interesting about the engine sound: The sound its like I use to play in the MS-DOS days:), version 1.03. The most versions on the internet are v1.05 and the sound its not so good
Re: Microprose F1GP (1991) 100% Distance Let's Play (YouTube)
Date: November 30, 2018 02:31PM
Posted by: PWM
> Is it me or the sound of engine is nicer?
> I noticed something interesting about the engine
> sound: The sound its like I use to play in the
> MS-DOS days:), version 1.03. The most versions on
> the internet are v1.05 and the sound its not so
> good

It's a shame you prefer the engine sound of the old versions of the game, because I just recently updated to v1.05 :-) The race nr. 10 (Hungarian Grand Prix) is the first one with 1.05. I guess it's a matter of taste - I myself think the new engine sound is better and more realistic, the old kinda sounds a bit too synthetic in my opinion.

I had to update to v1.05 because that allowed me to change the max lock of the steering wheel in game settings. Before the car was virtually undriveable on fast circuits because of too sensitive and rough steering input. Now it's much better.

Seeing your Hardcore Season on youtube (and discovering you could actually play with a wheel !) made me start a full season, and oh boy what a joy.

I'm amazed that a 30 years old game could still give so much fun. Of course the driving sensation feel old and simple, some of the reactions are a bit basic, but the overall feeling is homogeneous and plausible. I've been impressed in particular by the reaction change during the race, you can actually feel, lap after lap, that you carry less and less fuel. When you start a race after a qualifying session, still used to a lightweight car, it does feel like driving a tank for a few laps.
And, unlike many recent driving sims in which you do short races in which opponents are perfect drivers, there is always a lot of things happening during a race. No knowing what makes your mind racing as well, and you imagine what happened off the screen, it's really enjoyable.

The one downside of the game is really the AI, i didn't remember that is was this bad. It's the real challenge of the game: try not to be destroyed by a backmarker. It can lead to quite funny situations, but I have to admit that it can be frustrating when it ruins your race.
I did the first three races, and even though I try to overtake at (relatively) safe spots, I had painful encounters:
Had half a dozen spins in Phoenix, hopefully only lost time and got a few cold sweats from other opponents passing very close.
Things got worse at Interlagos, where I've been blocked by my teammate and ended in the grass, losing all my lead at mid race. And the worst came after my second pit stop when a Tyrrel, two laps behind, decided to overtake me in the first straight (i got passed him in the previous turn), harpooning me from behind and blowing the rear wing off. Lost the race here, finished 15th, with a best lap on my last lap.
And the pinnacle of bad luck/silly moves is at Imola. Started from pole, for some unknown reason started to overtake backmarker in the 3 lap (huge accident ?), gained some ground on my opponents. I had a blast in this race, despite have to fight every backmarker, and while being very cautious when overtaking, had a few contacts from opponents not realising I was on their racing line. The car was getting awesome to drive, when at lap 18, as I was starting to consider when to pit, a back wheel in the grass at Variante Alta made the car spins a few times, half on track half on grass and then BANG!, a backmarker totalled my car, engine dead on the spot.
Quite frustrated, i restarted the race, got again a very nice start, and went of the road at tamburello at lap 17, while following two cars neck and neck, I was hoping to be able to overtake in the straight. They suddenly braked (a rabbit went throught, maybe ? Couldn't see...), I touched the one on the left, went wide in the grass, hit the wall, came back sideways on the side of the track, to get hit by Alesi, oblivious to the accident that unfolded just before his eyes...

Still, I do not despair, and will race at Monaco asap. :)

Tips for people using G25/27/29 wheels: I ran the first two races with a wheel locked at 300°. It felt very (too) lively, especially when entering corner, given that the wheel has a FFB deadzone. I changed it to 360° for Imola and it feels perfect. (it may be my mind but it feels the deadzone got reduced)

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I finished my season two weeks ago (won the championship ! (H)), but it was a close call.

I didn't remember the driving in wet conditions was THAT bad ! Three races before the end, I had a comfortable lead ( 23 points ) on the second. Then rain in Barcelona. Needless to say, a DNF, i couldn't make it past the 20th lap: spun a lot end ended being totalled by another car in the last corner.

Ok. I had to have one wet race... not the end of the world. Even if I thought I could managed to finish the race.

Next race, Suzuka, a track i love for its combination of fast curves.
Sadly, RAIN AGAIN :-o
DNF again after an horrific 30 minutes of being pushed aside by the AI in almost every corner.

Which means that I had only a 3 pts lead in Adelaide, and I prayed, really, when clicking "Pre Race Practise". ;)
It turned out to be a walk in the park in the dry.
Tried getting GP2 working with DOSBOX Daum version but getting wild oscilation when trying to calibrate a g27 wheel.

Been 3 hours at it now,given up.

I used the mapper to clear all the axis and buttons and reassigned.

No dice,now I am angry lol.

Anyone get these old dos games working with a g27 ,let me know.

I think it's Windows 10,the axis are perfect ,Dosbox hates my g27 though.

I uninstalled any other config or dosbox version excpet for the daum version but I am out of solutions to this,driving me crazy.
It started as a joke, then materialized during a boring evening: I started a full season without qualification session, because my virtual driver has no money and need to save precious bucks in tyres.
And because the harder the better, I also assign myself penances for braking the car during the race, since it costs money to repair.

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