Has IndyCar Racing FPS-tool ever been created?

Posted by Titus03 
Has IndyCar Racing FPS-tool ever been created?
Date: April 07, 2018 06:33PM
Posted by: Titus03
In 1995, Frames Per Second adjuster for Grand Prix/World Circuit (1991), or "gpfps" in short, was released. Formula One Grand Prix already supported 25 FPS, which gave smooth FPS, at least for all the people who were used to 25 FPS in PAL-area. But this tool gave people the possibility to push FPS further, to 30 or even more. This tool gave a side effect to the simulator, if FPS was set too high, but to the some point, the tool was useful for giving smoother FPS and keeping the simulator stable.

Meanwhile, Papyrus' IndyCar Racing (1993) was able to give fully textured environments, this newer simulator never matched F1GP by FPS. The highest the sim is able to give is 15 FPS, which doesn't look smooth at all by today's standards. We have IndyCar Racing 2 / CART Racing (released first time in 1995), which can handle 30 FPS, but still, IndyCar Racing is a great early racing simulator.

I'm just curious: has anyone ever attempted to make a tool like "gpfps" for IndyCar Racing? If such tool exists, it might have disappeared from the Net over the years. But it would be great to know if such tool has ever been available. - Or if it wasn't, it would still be cool to be created some day, hopefully encouraging more people to get their hands on this early example of a great driving simulator and exploring the history of sim racing.


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