GP2M 2007 Signups?

Posted by Buttonfan20 
GP2M 2007 Signups?
Date: January 14, 2018 06:48PM
Posted by: Buttonfan20
So, I'm running my own league that's been going on for two seasons now and I'm wondering if anyone here would like to sign-up. It's only in the sign-up phase, with the driver market opening up after the season ends (Around four weeks). The league is based on actual F1, but progressing in years (So drivers from around 2007 will be available to hire, as well as young drivers.). The gimmick is that every team has a budget, (40,000,000 for new teams, to get them started.). There's also a separate budget for if you want a GP2 team (7,000,000) which is just for drivers. To earn money you just perform well in races as well as finish well in the overall championship. And the game is run on Grand Prix 2, for those wondering. Signups will be here if anyone's interested: []

Hopefully, someone'll sign up. See you in four weeks for the market!
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