Formula 1 97 psygnosis PC CD ENGLISH

Posted by 256colors 
Formula 1 97 psygnosis PC CD ENGLISH
Date: November 01, 2017 07:16PM
Posted by: 256colors
Does anybody here have any tips on getting best out this game in terms of install and graphics setups
Also, is there known mod files for this game or tips for multiplayer setup
Re: Formula 1 97 psygnosis PC CD ENGLISH
Date: May 07, 2018 01:18AM
Posted by: agathosdaimon
i think there is some dicussion of it over on the VOGONS forums -

For my part, i have it installed in windows 10 64bit and it works well enough with the 3dfx version of it going by way of NGlide the 3dfx wrapper. - If you dont have nglide, go and get it from Zeus software's site, its free and once you install it, it works automatically whenever a 3dfx/glide game is running. With Nglide, it looks good, the only quirk being that sometimes the poistion number of you car disappears from the yellow box in the Tag Heuer info, however i raised this with Zeus and he has fixed it so that it will be in the next Nglide release.

In anycase this graphical glitch is of no great consequence because throughout the race you get other race position updates along the way, - by murray walker too of course!
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