F1 Batracer League 2016

Posted by FAlonsoESP 
F1 Batracer League 2016
Date: November 12, 2016 05:23PM
Posted by: FAlonsoESP
Hello, Guys!

Are you interested on a little GPG.org League on Batracer?

My Plan is to Start a League on Batracer with Privat Games starting with F1 1997 across to F1 2013 then we can Start again another Season/Round from 1997 to 2013 or a another Season after the first Round from F1 1997 to 2013 is done.

After every Season the Leader of the World Championship will be the first one who can select his Car for the next Season after him the Second one is the next etc. next Season 2002 the same till F1 2013 Season Ends.

I hope you can Understand my Bad English but it would be nice if we can get few People may a whole Grid for the Seasons! Thanks ;)


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