Game Stock Car 2012

Posted by DaveEllis 
Game Stock Car 2012
Date: September 18, 2012 11:37PM
Posted by: DaveEllis
Game Stock Car is an ISI based sim, simulating the Stock Car Brazil series. The Game Stock Car 2012 DLC is free to anyone who owns the game and is a complete redo of the game, adding the 2012 cars and tracks, as well significant updates to all aspects of the game. It operates as stand alone (no install of Game Stock Car required) and gives you a 60 minute free trial before prompting you to buy it.

Those of you who enjoy CART Factor and HistorX will enjoy driving these and find the physics quite familiar feeling. The Brazilian Stock Cars are surprisingly good fun to drive, and are great cars for online racing. They aren't too fast that they are difficult to drive, and they aren't too slow that they are boring. The tracks are great for those wanting something a bit different. Almost none of these tracks have ever been put in games before, so it's something fresh for you to try.

Screenshots. Click to enlarge.

Series Included:

2012 Stock Car Brazil
Formula 3 (Fictional Liveries)
Formula Reiza (Formula One car, with 'relevant' liveries)
Formula Classic (1980s Formula One car)
Chevrolet Camaro Road Car
Mini Cooper Challenge

Circuits. Alternate layouts for each circuit are available in game:

Campo Grande
Santa Cruz
Ribeirao Preto





The Download section has the full game. You get 30 minutes of play time before being promoted to buy it. The Demo section has a 800mb Demo which includes 4 cars, 2 tracks and 30 days of game play.

Re: Game Stock Car 2012
Date: September 24, 2012 12:58PM
Posted by: mortal
Thanks for the post Dave, it looks interesting. Perhaps when I get my intertube fixed I'll take a good look at it. :-)

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