If modding for me is just a side job...then what do I actually do?

Posted by rusolive 
You know, there is a lot of other stuff I do aside from modding.
I'm currently working for the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and I was actually sent to Libya and Senegal for diplomatic missions.
I also have jobs in Ukraine's Inland Water Transport Authority, the Department of Youth Development and the Department of National Savings.
So, you'll be pretty surprised considering that a government worker like me has a lot of free time!

Слава Україні!
Glory to Ukraine!

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Привiт! I have been to the Ukraine for a week in 2017 to visit our partner school in Луцьк (Lutsk). I also got to spend a few days at beautiful Сві́тязь (Lake Svitas) and in Київ (Kjiv). I had a great time, meeting nice, friendly, hospitable people and eating the most amazing food (I am a meat eater and can understand your innate fear of vegetables). I even survived being a passenger in a taxi, going 5 cars wide in 2 lane round-about, with the oil and engine lamp constantly blinking. I love the country and Kijv has to be one the most beuatiful cities I ever visited in my whole life, no @#$%&.

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