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Posted by zifox 
Forum history
Date: May 21, 2021 08:47AM
Posted by: zifox
Hi everyone.

I recently came back to the GP series after at least 10 years without playing it, and in the process am spending some time again on forums/website to find modding information, tips, etc...

My memory may be playing tricks on me, but I have been quite active around 2005-2008 and i'm quite surprised of being unable to find old posts. At the time, I wrote summaries of my races on GP4 (full season), with screenshots, also did some modding (I created a Prost car with XWings) and strangely I found no trace of it.

So I'm wondering if the site got some issues at some point and posts were lost, or I am mixing things up and I did all this on another website, which would be down today ? In this case, do any of you remember the name of forums dedicated to GP4 in the mid 2000's ?
Or maybe my posts were removed because of inactivity ?
Re: Forum history
Date: May 21, 2021 10:26AM
Posted by: mortal
Any posts would not have been removed. The search function is currently shite, it's been reported and I can't say if it will be fixed, it's always been pretty shite anyway.

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Re: Forum history
Date: July 30, 2021 02:11PM
Posted by: fongu
I use google to find old posts on this site nowadays

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