Posted by genesis 
Date: February 16, 2021 03:36AM
Posted by: genesis
I can’t tell you enough how amazing it is that I can randomly remember this legendary place and still see faces from nearly 20 years ago. :)

Zcott, Vader, I hope you’re all well?! Who else is still around?
Re: Wow
Date: February 16, 2021 08:56PM
Posted by: mortal
Yes, many of us are still here. :-) A testament to the enduring popularity of the Geoff Crammond Grandprix series, and to those here that share their work.

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Re: Wow
Date: February 16, 2021 10:29PM
Posted by: ZaZ
I'm not an active member anymore, but I lurk from time to time.

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy
Re: Wow
Date: May 02, 2021 09:04PM
Posted by: Karan
Hey fellas, hope everyone's doing well still. (B)

Re: Wow
Date: October 31, 2021 11:26PM
Posted by: Vader
It sucks to be immortal.

Re: Wow
Date: November 04, 2021 08:16PM
Posted by: ralv585
I still come back from time to time too, so many great memories of this place, glad to see it's still going strong :)

Re: Wow
Date: January 12, 2022 11:23AM
Posted by: superchargednut
I've just dropped back in after a 10+ year absence.

Grand Prix 4 was the first game I got really stuck into, I was 10 when it came out and this place was my home for a good few years after that.

Looking forward to re-installing the game and a remastered 2001 mod.

Re: Wow
Date: July 25, 2022 12:28PM
Posted by: Zcott
Yeah, just wondering if my sig is working yet? Been working on it a while.

Re: Wow
Date: October 29, 2022 09:15PM
Posted by: Incident 2k9
What is this place? How did I get here?

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Re: Wow
Date: December 15, 2022 07:51AM
Posted by: MikaHalpinen
I drive a Volkswagen now just to tell people it's the size of a blue whale's tongue
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