The GPGSL needs you! Interested? Click here!

Posted by Rod_vs 
The GPGSL needs you! Interested? Click here!
Date: April 18, 2018 12:11AM
Posted by: Rod_vs
The GrandPrixGames SuperLeague is an AI based series using the SMD ZG01 & 02 (with low and high nose variations) models. Races are run by one of the race directors. You don't have to drive yourself, the computers decide the results. Going into its 12th season, the GPGSL is one of (if not the) oldest GP4-based racing leagues. Even the more important it is that the series is constantly filled with new and motivated participants to keep it alive and running.

So, interested? Here is a short version of what you need to get started:

1. Have a personal helmet design ready. What? You're not an artist and don't know how to do it? Don't worry! Just ask politely for help in the GPGSL thread and there'll be plenty of experienced designers willing to help you out with help or actual designs.

2. Now that you're set up with a helmet, you need a cool ride to go along with it! Lucky for you, there are many empty seats waiting to be filled right now! Just check the team list below for vacant seats and contact one or more team owners (you can click directly on their nickname to PM them) with the request to fill a seat. Attention though! You are only allowed to fill one seat at a time, so if you and a team owner come to an agreement, it is binding!

3. Your new team owner will get you set with further information. Most crucially, you should have a quick look over the rules in the respective GPGSL season thread to know what you're expected to do as a driver in the GPGSL. Don't worry, you don't need to know them by heart! We know the rules section is long and this should be fun and not work, but to keep this funny for everybody, a few rules are necessary. So take some 10 minutes in a free moment and scan them. If you have further questions about them, your team owner will be able to answer them.

4. You're still not sure if you want to join the GPGSL? Shush! You want! But to convince you even further, check out the GPGSL wiki from the link below to find extra information on the best GP4 AI-based race series ... next to the GPG Nations Cup, of course ;-)

GPG Super League Wiki Page

GPGSL Season 12 Official Topic

One Racing driver and team manager
GPGSL-3: champion in 2007/2013/2014!
GPGSL-4: testdrivers champion in Season 11!
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