Bahrain, Sakhir 2021

Posted by shlund 
Bahrain, Sakhir 2021
Date: March 30, 2021 03:39PM
Posted by: shlund
A 2021 update for the Sakhir Circuit, Bahrain. Made for GP3 1.13..!
Most 2021 adverts are present and placed the correct places. You need the original Belini/Holemad Sakhir tracks for this update.
After unzipping just copy the files to your GP3 folder and allow to overwrite. Keep the 'belini structure' and all will be fine.
This update comes with a day practice version and a sunset (race) version and 2021 garages.

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open | download - Bahrain 2021 GP3 1.13.rar (1.68 MB)
Re: Bahrain, Sakhir 2021
Date: April 02, 2021 02:55PM
Posted by: Orloff
One more version of Sakhir, track by PK Arnall/D. Holemans/H Lund ( updated )

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open | download - Sakhir 2021 v2.rar (2.66 MB)
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