Imola 2020

Posted by shlund 
Imola 2020
Date: November 20, 2020 05:02PM
Posted by: shlund
A new version of the Imola 2007 by R. Scandura updated to 2020-version.

Please note that this track needs the original GP3 Imola track together with Imola 2004 made by Fernando Laguardia.

It is not the original new 2020-layout for Imola, but it is pretty close.
Most adverts are present on track in their right places. Also I added some few new items that we normally see on modern F1-tracks like the Rolex clock and new pit exit lights.

These tracks uses the same folder - the original San3jam-folder in GP3.

All credit to the above mentioned and to Orloff for using some of his bitmaps for the track.

Just unzip the files and place them in the San3jam folder.
open | download - Imola 2020.rar (683.3 KB)
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