Setting the Starting Grip + evoving data.

Posted by degas 
Setting the Starting Grip + evoving data.
Date: June 20, 2014 12:38PM
Posted by: degas

This is an update of my prior work, the "Grid For Sprint" spreedsheet (tha description follows below).

Now I improve this trying to solve the evolving data problem.

Using Scandura´s GpX Race Manager (v 4, I think), I could see the evolving data does not work for users car. The programn generates a new performance file changing all cars performance, but this does not affects the user driver's performance. We can fix this using this spreedsheet (in ods format) and the Aubrey Windle's GP3 Advanced Phisics Editor program (plus the Scandura's GPx Race Manager, of course).


1. Configuration.
This configuration procedure must be done once for each season (or wheteaver you want).

To change the user driver's perfomance, you must to generate the Race Performance by using Scandura's GPx Race Manager, as usual. Save your new performance file (for example in the race4.txt file). So, you have to open your perfomance file (double click on race4.txt file), select and copy all data from the file. This data must be pasted in the sheet, starting exactly in the M10 cell (as indicated). IT IS IMPORTANT TO FIND THE LINE NUMBER WHERE THE USER DRIVER WAS PASTED IN!.

Now, you have to find and adjust some parameters. First of all you have to answer three questions (maybe these questions just can be answered after some tests in the game): 1. "How is the worst Mechanical Grip I accept for my game?" 2. "How is the worst race performance I accept for other drivers?" 3. "For each Unit of the grid data increased in the performance file (the larger is the value, the faster is the car), how many units I have to decrease in the Old Mechanical Grip (the lower is the value, the faster is the car)?

Answer these questions in the correct cells (respectivelly the A6, M6 and A4) as indicated in the sheet. Also as indicated, put in the A8 cell the line where the user driver was pasted in.

Then you have the new grip that must be used by user's cars in the M8 cell (the orange cell).


This allow you to set the player's car performance.

2. Using the sheet.
Note that this configuration is done only in the beggining of a new season. For each new race you just have to paste the performance file (into M10 cell) and catch the old mechanical grip number. Just copy this value and insert it into the "Old Mecanical Grip" field of your phisics file, using the GP3 Advanced Phisics Editor. Save this file and play the game (configure the GPxData to use it).

IMPORTANT!!! Note that your car behavior will be a little different for each race, forcing you to change some setups and your driving to be competitive.


Some racing car series uses race results to define starting grids. For example, in GP2 Series the grid for Sprint Race (the Sunday's races) are defined by inverting the positions 1st to 8th and setting all other positions according the Longer (Saturday´s) race.

You can do this in GP3 using "GridForSprintRace".

This small spreadsheet generates a performance file that forces GP3 to accept a predefined starting grid by using a race result, as in GP2 and other series. To do this, you just need to have a "race results" text file and a GP3 Edit performance file.
The spreedsheet will generate another perfomance file that is equals to the original one, except by the qualifgying grip and power data. When using these new values, GP3 place the cars into the starting grid just as defined by you.
You can set tha starting grid in three different ways: by using the race result, by inverting the race results or by inverting only the positions from 1st to 8th (as in GP2 races).

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