The 'Hall Of Fame'

Posted by mortal 
The 'Hall Of Fame'
Date: February 13, 2012 10:27PM
Posted by: mortal

To recognise for all time, the contribution that some of the members here have made to the community and to the game, the Hall of Fame has been opened.

[In no particular order]


Jurgen aka quickslick for modding.

Arnaud aka Excalibur for modding.

Heikki aka Hega for modding.

Bernard aka gezere for modding.

Diego Noriega aka Oggo for modding.

Zaz for CSM.

Laurent aka Lo2k for GP4 tools.

Eric aka SkaaningeN for modding and trackcams

Maikel de Boer aka MDB_Snake for car-shapes.

Enzojz for car-shapes.

TomMK for mods, being there and for

Paulo aka Prblanco (F1Virtual) for tracks.

Drt01 for tracks.

Gildoorf for tracks.

Ed Greenhalgh aka Schueyfan for tracks.

Lasse aka Morbid for the epic walls of text and past moderator.

GPGSL team members all forums for being there for everyone else.

Lee aka Lee71 for tyres, sounds, tracks, mods and textures.

Jim aka Jimbob1 for cars, tracks and mods.

Andry aka MitsuroSano for cars and engine sounds.

Lez aka Isaint for cars, textures and screenshots.

Mathieu aka Brière for engine sounds and videos.

TTM for tracks.

MarioB for tracks.

b-tone for tracks.

Ruboy for tracks.

Jimbob for tracks.

Tumyeto for tracks.

Kev aka Fongu for mods.

Matt Schroder for car shaping and tracks.

Samuele aka 32BOBO32 for graphics.

Fernando & Cleber aka plodekk & cleberpister Trackpacks 1988-1991-1993-1994-1995

Celio Jr. & Kerley aka celinho & kerleyf1 MODs 1992, 1993, 1995 and 1996

Pedro aka Ripping Corpse MODs 1992, 1993, 1995 and 1996

Daniel Pettit aka Flash Formula Textures and mapping. Special mention for creating the original formula for the WGP and W300 AI GP4 leagues.

Raul aka Raulongo for cars.

Craigo for cars.

Kev aka Fongu for cars.

Soulbringer aka Vladimir for cars.

Kedy89 aka Tobi for cars.

Mpad for cars.

Adam aka Daimon for helmets.

Erik van Leeuwen Shaper

Wai Keen Lam Shaper

Bojan Tarticchio Textures

Jon Walton(Carset Creator, GP4 Genius).

davegp4 GP4 Themes


Dirk Holemans aka holemad for tracks/updates.

Belini for tracks.

Ricardo Lampert for tracks.

Ralph Hummerich for tracks.

Paul Hoad for the Track Editor.

Thomas Stuhrmann aka Major Tom for tracks (night tracks) and modding.

Paul Edmonds aka Smoking Pen for carsets & tracks.

Hans-Helmut aka drafi5 for modding.

Roberto Scandura aka r_scandura for modding.

Claudio Savina aka savinaclaudio for modding.

Marco aka 11marco for modding.


Rene Smit aka SDI gpx_patch and other tools.

For information, inclusions etc. please pm mortal.

H.o.F. logo by andreigp4
Note: Listings in no particular order.

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