How to make a CMU update for a CSM MOD (Explained step by step)

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How to make a CMU update for an existing CSM mod !!!

If you for example have made an update for a mod with some cars or helmets and you don't want to compress the mod each time completly then you can make a CMU update.

If you follow all the steps its easy, a little bit of work but performs like a charm.

For example, let's assume you have added a new car in your mod,a Mclaren.

In your complete mod you may have a folder Cars\Mclaren where you can have sub-folders such as Lods, Textures and Specific Tracks names.

In this example we have a folder called Cars\Mclaren with the sub-folders Car & Tex

In those subfolders you have put the lods in the folder car & textures in folder tex

so you should have: Cars\Mclaren\Car\ lods of the car
Cars\Mclaren\Tex\ all textures of the car

To make a CMU update you have to rebuild the complete structure of the files you want to add to your update.

Navigate to the the folder where your mods are restored, normally it's \grandprix4\gpsaves\carsets

There you will see a folder named CMU which is empty.

There you rebuild the structure of your mod, include the the files:


Now to make the CMU file, open CSM, go to FILE in the menu and select EXPORT CMU update

Now select the CMU you want to make and choose for which mod it is made and you add any required informational text.

Press OK and it will start making the CMU update, and place it where you saved it.

That's all folks....easy peasy. :-)

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