TrackPacks 1988-1991-1993-1994-1995-1997-1999 [RELEASED]

Posted by plodekk 
XenonS Wrote:
> Ah plodekk, a great, great thank you for this
> alternative link, I can't wait to play this
> legendary mod!
> (H) Salutations,
> XenonS

;-) (Y)(Y)
Hi, tell me why in 1993 Kyalami does not begin pit in the first pit boxes. How to fix it?
Thank you to the creators of these track packs.

I do realise I am pretty late to the game but I wanted to say awesome work ....The Adelaide track is superb and has a few nice little touches , Being from Adelaide I can see the quality and love in this track.
Very nice track packs(Y)

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Is it possible to reupload the 1999 trackpack? Thanks a lot for this great work! :-)
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