Launch Control

Posted by Zcott 
Launch Control
Date: June 18, 2002 05:36PM
Posted by: Zcott
Is there any secret to using Launch Control in GP4?

Sometimes I can get away with holding the accelerator on, and also the brake, to stop the car moving. Most of the time it moves forward, though.

I liked the launch control in the F1-2002 demo. Just hold on the launch control button until the lights go out.
Re: Launch Control
Date: June 18, 2002 05:57PM
Posted by: Morbid
I just activate the launch control by pressing it once, stay in neutral and floor the throttle. The very moment I see the red lights go out, I switch to first gear, throttle still floored. With good timing from you, you will rocket off the grid with no wheelspin at all. Moments later the launch control disables itself, end of story. I seriously doubt I could do better without it. Just don't jump the start ;)

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Re: Launch Control
Date: June 19, 2002 02:55AM
Posted by: LS.
thats exactly the same way i use it too

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Re: Launch Control
Date: June 19, 2002 05:47AM
Posted by: CMJH69
What happens if you do jump the start? Do u get that crappy black flag in the corner of the screen and you lose speed for what seems like ages like in gp3?

Re: Launch Control
Date: June 19, 2002 05:50AM
Posted by: genesis
Yep, that's what happens. You crawl along for about 4 secs tho this time.
Re: Launch Control
Date: June 19, 2002 06:01AM
Posted by: chris
I've started 8 times, and had 7 black flags. Its not going well.

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Re: Launch Control
Date: June 19, 2002 07:47AM
Posted by: Zcott
That's the way it's going for me. I'm having to use auto gears, unfortunately, so as soon as I try to rev the car, it puts it into first. It's rather difficult, to say the least. But when it works, it's great!
Re: Launch Control
Date: June 19, 2002 01:02PM
Posted by: matthewp
yeah its very hard when using auto gears, its a lot easier in manual
Re: Launch Control
Date: June 19, 2002 01:04PM
Posted by: Spike02
automatic gears (shudder)
Re: Launch Control
Date: June 19, 2002 01:26PM
Posted by: Zcott
Yeah, I know. When I had a working wheel, i was running with no aids on in GP3-2000. Fun!

If anyone has a wheel they don't use/want rid of, email me! :P
Re: Launch Control
Date: June 19, 2002 03:45PM
Posted by: _Alex_
Zcott the best way to use launch control is to change the CLUTCH in controller settings to "USE GEARS" - then, on the grid, activate launch control, shift up to first and hold the shifter, floor the throttle, and when the lights go out let go of the shifter. The car "launches" forwards, usually faster than when you have it in neutral and select first.

Re: Launch Control
Date: June 20, 2002 07:52AM
Posted by: TrevorWitt
With the car in neutral on the grid press the accelerator to full, now engage first gear but don't release the button, your revs should now hover in the mid-range. When the lights go out release the button..

I normally use the keyboard and this system and it produces a great start everytime..
Re: Launch Control
Date: May 31, 2019 03:12AM
Posted by: sjwilson1977
I'm also having some trouble trying to make a clean start. Unfortunately, I have to use auto-gears due to an issue on my wheel, so as soon as I put my foot on the accelerator to get some revs, the car engages first gear and the car moves off the line, hence getting a jump start penalty.

I'm actually thinking the best way to do this is to turn off the auto-gears just for the start, that way I can rev the car in Neutral without the first gear engaging, and then when the lights go out I can engage first gear and floor the throttle. Once I'm away I can hit the F2 key to engage the auto-gears again. Sounds tricky, but it might work.

What I'm confused about is the f9 key for launch control. How does it work? Do I hold it down? Or do I just press it once whilst the lights are counting down?

Any help you guys could give me would be awesome, as I am a complete newbie to Gp4.

Just took a pole position in Bahrain (my very first race on GP4) just 0.1 secs ahead of Schumi and Alonso!! .......... errrrrrrr......On Semi-Pro difficulty. Race is on Sunday, so any help before then would be awesome guys!!
Re: Launch Control
Date: May 31, 2019 10:06AM
Posted by: fongu
Press F9 to turn launch control off so that you get full control of your start and you might get wheel spin which you will have to manage.

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Re: Launch Control
Date: June 03, 2019 04:24AM
Posted by: sjwilson1977
Thanks for the reply Fongu, really appreciate your help.

Did my first race yesterday, starting from pole in Bahrain and here is my system for starting, which seemed to work fairly well, although I did lose the lead to Schumi as he made a better start than me.

- On the Grid I hit the F2 key to dis-engage the Auto-Gears (I'm using Auto-Gears due to an issue on my wheel).
- When the lights start, I start revving the engine in N.
- When the lights go out, I hit the gear button to engage first gear.
- I quickly hit the F2 key to re-engage the Auto-Gears.

This seemed to work pretty well.

As for the race, well, was a bit of a disaster. Did 100 percent race distance and finished in P9 after starting in pole. Finished 20 seconds off the pace of my teammate (Coulthard). Just had absolutely no pace compared to my qualifying. I guess I'm still getting used to GP4 after 5 years on F1 Challenge. But it was a very enjoyable race and counting down to the next one in Malaysia!
Re: Launch Control
Date: June 06, 2019 05:56PM
Posted by: landex
I hevent any problems with auto-gears in all this years. Of course, manual its always better for overtaking, but for relaxing i use auto gears.:)
In the amiga years(F1GP) was auto-gears in ACE-mode disabled.
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