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Thank you for this great 2006 car .... finally released
More screens


“Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.”
Nice³ ;)

Scuderia Ferrari Forever
First of a Render Series ;);)

Wedding, eSports and Motorsports Photography.
...and can host both released files??

Wedding, eSports and Motorsports Photography.
Can someone send me their anim.wad with the 2007 crews when I start the game it and its loading it crashes back to the desktop.

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Spidey Wrote:
> More screens
> []
> .jpg
> []
> .jpg

WoowH...Whata Big Fins...hehe!
Thanx for the pitcrews...well done.

Your problem surely comes from the fact that you use wadupdater (from Lo2k).
It seems that it doesn't well handle anim.wad.
So only for anim.wad I use GP4master.

Thanks mismi, I found that if I extract the anim wad it will crash, but if I install the crews one at a time its fine but I never had this problem with the crews before.
glad you sorted the problem.

I started some lods today, but the comp crashed and I lost it all, so lost motivation to do them, but will try again tomorrow.

Fongu's Downloads
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Awesome pics Paolo
will be speaker pitcrew ?
yep, rear or front speaker? ;) *just kidding*

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that looks very nice!
Super Aguri 2007 version melbourne, sepang and bahrain is now available with a permanent download link at gp4world !!!

Link: []
Nice work Kev :)
Also available on [] (a permanent link too!!!)


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