Fongu's Workthread **1994 Ferrari 412T1B released**

Posted by fongu 
It's a bad news that we lost you on GP4 Kev...


Big thanks for all your fantastic works that you've done over the last years (B)

I wish you all the best for your future :)

Some mods
::: F1 1996 ::: F1 2002 ::: F1 2007 ::: F1 2011 ::: F1 2013 ::: F1 2015 ::: F1 2018 :::

Some other stuff ::: Some more other stuff
Sad news that another great modder from the early years leaves the community. But I understand... priorities are changing and we all move to others things one day.
I will just keep in mind what you brought to the community since GP4World and the great and exciting days when you, Raul, Bernard, Craigo, Diego and others were releasing cars of 2006 until 2008 seasons. We were all like kids! Best years of the community so far and high level quality work ;-)

Thank you and best wishes for your future... :-)


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I agree with the others, you only have to look at the first page of this thread to get a reminder of some of the best scratch-built cars ever added to GP4, thanks for your service to the community Kev and happy trails!

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Thank you for everything Kev, best wishes!!!
Truly works of art the latest creations. I don't often download your work; however, I always had an admiration for it. It was also noticed how kind you are to the GP4 community. Car modeling has always been something of an interest to me over the years. You do beautiful work, Kev. Thank you for all of your efforts over the years and for sharing your work. I would like to wish you all the best:-)
Hi all, please give new links to the cars 2008
Please give new links to McLaren and Honda Full season! The others I found and these two, can't find! Surely someone left!
I will try and find if I still got the files. Also, have you tried [] ? Maybe the cars you're looking to download are there.

There is no McLaren, and Honda is not for a full season! I will be very glad if you find these files
Schumacher222 Wrote:
> There is no McLaren, and Honda is not for a full
> season! I will be very glad if you find these
> files

I won't be able to provide the McLaren as I did not painted it. Still searching for the Honda RA108 though.

quickslick Wrote:
> here's the Honda
> []

You were Quick-slick :P

quickslick Wrote:
> here's the Honda
> []

Thanks for the Honda! McLaren left to find
and you are very kind :)
quickslick Wrote:
> and you are very kind :)

but McLaren do not?
Thank you very much
Re: Fongu's (& Raul's) Stuff
Date: September 05, 2018 08:55PM
Posted by: fongu
If anyone is interested, I should have fixed all the links on page 1.

Let me know if any need fixing.

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Re: Fongu's (& Raul's) Stuff
Date: September 05, 2018 09:15PM
Posted by: Turbo Lover
Thank you master. :)

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