How to get force feedback working?

Posted by ThaPumpkin27 
How to get force feedback working?
Date: July 31, 2021 11:40AM
Posted by: ThaPumpkin27
Hi, i've managed to get my Thrustmaster T300 working with pedals and all but the only issue now is I got no force feedback. I have version 1.02 with 9.6 patch and the latest drivers for my T300 but the option where you select force feedback is greyed out like this and you can't click it.


I've selected custom settings and wheel as my controller.
I know i've gotten the force feedback to work years ago with a old G27 I think it was.
Has anyone got their game working with force feedback and a Thrustmater wheel?
Any help would be appreciated!

Ok so i've somehow fixed it. I noticed that in the control panel the T300 showed up as both a multimedia device with the T300 as the icon (Wich it should be). But it also showed up as a device with a xbox xontroller as the icon, wich is normal for controllers. Both had the name Thrustmaster T300 Racing wheel. I tought nothing of it as everything worked fine in F1 2020. However after writing this post as a last effort to get help with the problem I went to change the settings of the wheel and the Multimedia Device was gone. Noticing this I reinstalled the drivers/firmware for the T300 and after the restart now only the multimedia device was showing, and the problem was gone.

Some additional info, As I set up the controls when this still didn't work the controller I had to select in GP4 was controller B, where as now when it's working I had to use Controller A. I remember also 8-9 years ago when using a G27 I had to use Controller A.
To get the pedals working I set the pedals to combined axis in the T300 control panel.

Hope this can help someone else!

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