Generic cockpit with moving 3D-elements for late 80s / early 90s [released]

Posted by Carl_gpgames 


Version: 1.00
Title: late 80s / early 90s cockpit incl. steering wheel 
Description: A generic cockpit for late 80s / early 90s Formula 1 seasons, incl. steering wheel (all 3D). I have included a template to make team-specific cockpit textures.
Author: carl_gpgames
Installation: Update your cars.wad by using WadUpdater. Use the included tweaker settings.
Note: Works only in combination with the included "cockpit_dash.gp4" and "cockpit_wheel.gp4" files.
Permission: Do with it whatever you like. Improvements are welcome!

Thanks to 32BOBO32 for the simergy-logo and the driving help symbols and to duffer for teaching me zmodeler!

Here is a new cockpit i originally made for kerley_f1' 1989 mod (soon to be released), but which can also be used for late 80s and early 90s seasons in general.
It has many dynamic 3D-elements like f. e.:
- A moving gearshift
- Mirrors and display break if you crash the car
- Buttons can be pressed

I have included a PSD-template to create team-specific textures.

[GIF - click the image below to watch the gearshift]

GP Files | GP Videos

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I'm still entering the scene, like, having installed my first mods and such. Anytime I came here I get, yet again, impressed of what you guys are able to do. Great work.
Truly impressive, Mr. Carl.


Thanks for another innovative development Carl.
Nice idea Carl (Y) Thank you :-)
A 1989 mod very soon?Great great news
I tried this cockpit on the 1988 mod, which fits very nice, because this looks a lot like the mp4/4 cockpit. But I have a problem: I can't see above the wheel ;) Haven't figured out what file I should mess with the camera...

Stunning work mate!

My problem is solved, nevermind (Y)

I'm a total noob in this but, GP4 Tweaker ftw.
It's amazing how you developed your skills in such a short period Carl.

My Grand Prix 4 Files

I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
Turbo Lover escribió:
> It's amazing how you developed your skills in such
> a short period Carl.

Carl is the revelation of the GP4!
I've seen the creative process and it's amazing. His learning curve is a straight up without limit.
Thanks Carl!

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Keeping alive the GP4
Maybe he is the messias.

My Grand Prix 4 Files

I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
Thank you Carlo for the superb release!!!


Thank you
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