Zaz tools not working after re installation of the game.

Posted by jaguarcatalonia 
Hello, I am new :D

So well, my problem is simple and not even having looked at the faq has helped me.

I did install some mods (1997 by schumi and 1993 by gp4 central), played them, and then uninstalled them.

They both worked well the first time, but when I tried to install them again zaz tools and/or any of its executables didn't work. Neither the version with an installer neither the version in which you directly extract it in some folder and you are ready to go.

I did uninstall the game and re installed it many times, but it zaz tools does not work, whether as administrator and compatibility options or without it.

Calibrating the graphics and then exiting the game and entering a game, with or without gpxpatch, does not make zaz tools to work. I do not know what I am doing badly.

what do?

PS:I did not registered just for asking that, you seem to be a bunch of nice guys :D
Thats what you did wrong, not register.
Maybe you corrupted the gp4.exe.
Maybe reed the FAQ's
I already read the faq's. In any case, what do you mean with register what I should do to make it work.
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