GPGSL S14 - R10 Canadian GP - Montreal || Perfs posted

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GPGSL Wrote:
> Merry Activity Check!
> Here's hoping you've been staying safe and
> enjoying these days as much as possible.
> Unfortunately, as the year draws to a close, we've
> lost sight a few peeps. These are:
> Luke Russell (Christel), last posted on November
> 24 (1st warning)
> Matt Houston (Demon), last posted on.. the middle
> ages I s'ppose. (3rd Warning)
> Aritra Majumdar (Tyrant), last posted on November
> 24 (1st warning)
> Edward Williams (Atlantic), last posted on
> November 24 (2nd warning)
> And as we all know by now, in the light of his 3rd
> warning, Mr. Houston has been awarded...
> []
> 48/media/catalog/product//t/2/t209a.png
> The Boot!
> Please do stick by, the year is done but the
> season carries on!
> (And Happy New Year while we're at it, suppose
> it's not hard to top this one ;))

Sorry about lack of activity recently, was overburdened with a lot of office work and then went on a vacation during year end.
Will make sure that this doe not happen again.

Kimi forever!
Really great to win here again, the place of my first win in the GPGSL. Title defense is impossible obviously since Marcus basically has it in the bag, but hopefully I can salvage a top 3-5 finish.

Unfortunate for Sean, we were looking for a double podium if not for the engine failure.

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3rd, another podium and another great result for me! Not a bad way to start 2021 in a positive mood :-)

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While 10th is good points for the team, as it is the case sometimes, Matteo's performance (which was great btw!) makes it dissapointing. At least the race was a bit eventful, with some clean fighting.

Happy new year everyone!

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Well that should've been a podium.. unlucky I guess.

Pleased to gather some points after a lean couple of rounds!
So sorry for jeroen, it should have been a podium. Vitor did a good job getting inside the top 10. The season so far is shaping up better than expected

Another strong result, couldn’t be more satisfied :-) we have to keep it up for the last races

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Not a great weekend for us

Another great race recovery from both our drivers, that's for sure. Matteo is really getting the hang of it now and that'll help greatly in making up a few positions in the championship tables.
Carlos also drove a stellar race in the back to bring home some more points. But I totally feel with you, man, it's always frustrating to see your teammate get along with the car so much better.
The way I see it, it's mainly qualifying performance, so we'll look into it and try to get you a car better suited to your qualifying style, in hope that also Anderson will benefit from it. Let's not lose hope!

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@shep34 can you clear some space in your inbox please?

Hopefully some news coming up from Sweden.

Another race and another finish outside the points positions. At least Ennis got some points for the team.

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Mullet345 Wrote:
> @shep34 can you clear some space in your inbox
> please?


Official tables should be posted in the next day or two, once I get the time to update from this current round.....

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Re: GPGSL S14 - R9 Brazilian GP - Interlagos || Perfs posted
Date: January 05, 2021 05:14PM
Posted by: Dom
Not a good weekend... off to the next one, where we will hopefully be much stronger!

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Apologies all - had no access to the forum for the last few weeks due to work issues. Back now though

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Official Tables - GPGSL Season 14, Round 9

Boost Announcement

Applications for team and driver boosts for Round 10 CANADIAN GRAND PRIX - Montreal are now open. The closing date is 8pm GMT WEDNESDAY 13th JANUARY 2021.
For team boost you must state whether your team requires a single boost or a double.
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Boost applications must be sent to the GPGSL. Any applications not following these instructions will be rejected.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE : Failure to provide your driver name or team name as entered into the GPGSL "MAY" result in boost not allocated.

SEASON 14 Race Calendar

The GPGSL reserves the right to change venues for S14

Round 01: Australian Grand Prix - Melbourne - Winner : Marcus De Bruyker - Tyrant Motorsports
Round 02: Japanese Grand Prix - Suzuka - Winner : Marcus De Bruyker - Tyrant Motorsports
Round 03: Malaysian Grand Prix - Sepang - Winner : Gareth McCarthy - Demon Racing
Round 04: Pacific Grand Prix - Fuji - Winner : Sean O'Neill - Alpha Motorsports
Round 05: Italian Grand Prix - Monza - Winner : Gareth McCarthy - Demon Racing
Round 06: Dutch Grand Prix - Emmeloord - Winner : Marcus De Bruyker - Tyrant Motorsports
Round 07: United Arab Emirates Grand Prix - Dubai - Winner : Dominik Karda - Atlantic Motorsports
Round 08: South African Grand Prix - Kyalami - Winner : Matteo Scala - Maverick Track Performance
Round 09: Brazilian Grand Prix - Interlagos - Winner : Tobias Kederer - Alpha Motorsports

Round 10: Canadian Grand Prix - Montreal - 19% Weather - 16 AI Errors

Round 11: United States Grand Prix - Austin - 50% Weather - 40 AI Errors
Round 12: German Grand Prix - Hockenheim - 19% Weather - 10 AI Errors
Round 13: Belgian Grand Prix - Spa - 19% Weather - 40 AI Errors
Round 14: British Grand Prix - Silverstone 19% Weather - 14 AI Errors

Wow, my season really hasn't been going well

18th in the standings, shameful.

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