WEC P1 UPDATE (New cars and more) - Cooming soon

Posted by Meteoro405 
WEC P1 UPDATE (New cars and more) - Cooming soon
Date: April 07, 2020 02:10AM
Posted by: Meteoro405

► New Alfa Romeo P1 fictional car.
► New Cadillacs cars adapted to P1 (4 skins, one for each set).
► New Continental tires for the Cadillacs.
► Fixed cockpit floor issue and added some improvements.
► New style of TV.
► Team starter.
► New pit crew and engineer for Alfa Romeo
► Grid cars and logos for Alfa Romeo
► New grid cars for the Cadillacs (4 different, 1 for each set according to the selected track)
► New "Le Mans P1" Marshalls
► CSM menu for those who cannot live without it ...
► New physics.

Some pictures

New Alfa Romeo P1

New Cadillacs


*It is required to have the WEC P1 Series mod installed, before installing the update. Available here:Mod WEC P1 Series

Mods & Tracks for GP4 - [www.mediafire.com]

Keeping alive the GP4
looks ace, Ariel (Y), just one small hint, Raikkonen is written only with one 'N' at the end :)
What a cool glasses has that marshal, where can I get them?

My Grand Prix 4 Files

I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
@quickslick: Fixed. Thanks (Y)

@Turbo Lover: www.amazon.com (H)

Mods & Tracks for GP4 - [www.mediafire.com]

Keeping alive the GP4
Thank you very much!
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