Jorge's thread !! Track updates. Bahrain 2019 released 07/26/2020 - Silverstone 2019 released 07/23/2020 - Austin 2019 released 07/14/2020. 73 track updates posted.

Posted by JCaranti 
@Turbo Lover pauloderpich: thanks guys. I apreciate the encouraging. (Y)

gildoorf Wrote:
> Thanks for updates, Jorge. You have improved very
> much.

Thank you Gildoorf. I will send the Algarve 2020 update to you and Paulo when i am done so you guys release it.
I think it will be a nice gift.(Y)
Ohh and i have a Bahrain .dat outer layout surprise their that i will be sending over soon.

gap177 Wrote:
> The master!!
> Glenn

Thanks Glenn but i think Gildoorf, Paulo, Drt01 are all very talented too for tracks.

soulbringer Wrote:
> I am always in awe of you all track makers. Really
> beautiful work Jorge here, attention to details is
> amazing.
> These tracks and updates will be highly
> appreciated for many years ahead.

Thank you. I apreciate the cars you released too over the years so i thank you (Y)
JCaranti Wrote:
> Hello everyone :-) :-)
> I have been working on the Algarve 2020 track
> update.
> I have made several bridges like the one in the
> start finish line and other sectors.
> []
> Pitlane, pitbuilding and all stuff their is
> updated garages, pitcables, pitstands, pitmuppets,
> etc
> []
> Here it is missing the heineken advert on the
> other side of the ground and those sausage rolls
> with extension on green painting.
> But it shows the blue stripes and the ground
> heineken advert.
> []
> In the rolex bank i had to create those yellow
> elevated sausage rolls(sorry i dont know what else
> to call them). I still need to make another 4 or 5
> of them.
> []
> Here is the pirelli ground advert.
> The challenge is these weired banks that has
> escape routes marked on green painting in the
> ground forming like a road path.
> What i describe is located before the yellow
> pirelli ground advert. I dont have a picture of
> this one because its still in progress of making.
> I still need to put most of the adverts but
> showing progress on the 3D and other stuff. (Y)
> Kind regards
> Jorge.

Great update Jorge .. very soon i'll need your help on Mugello too;-)

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Some update on the Portimao track:

The image of the corner was from the original track released by F1 virtual v1.1.

In the 2020 update i am doing i fixed the main issue regarding the jipmaps of the start finish line

I also fixed the track asphalt in the new section of the track. I works when it rains too. :-) :-)

I have not put the adverts yet but i wanted to show some progress and that i am here ...
Great work on the fixed grid and start/ finish line and also new track section, Jorge! (Y)


Sorry to be a nuisance is there still links to the older revisions of tracks? I am trying to play 2019. thanks (and amazing work!!!)
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