Tracks and mods

Posted by xcornholio 
Tracks and mods
Date: June 12, 2019 11:14PM
Posted by: xcornholio
Hi, I've got 2 questions. Can I find any tutorial about loading tracks separately? Because I have 1985 mod, but there is no trackpack, so I have to load for example 1988 trackpack to 1985 mod, and I have no idea how can I load them correctly, and assign them to specific season. Second question is about mods, can I get somewhere any list of mods with available trackpack to download? Thanks in advance ;-)
Re: Tracks and mods
Date: June 13, 2019 12:54AM
Posted by: gap177
There are three (3) ways to install tracks into Gp4.

1. Copy and paste the dat file into the circuits folder and the wad file into the root of your Gp4 installation.
2. Use Gpxpatch (Gpxtrack tab). Basic Tutorial: []
3. Use TSM to install. I can't help you with this as I do not use csm/tsm.

Most mods do not include a trackpack. There are a few though, 88, 91, 94 - 99.

You could look at the gp4database which has many tracks available.

Glenn (Cdn)
Re: Tracks and mods
Date: June 13, 2019 01:35AM
Posted by: TomMK
I always recommend using GPxTrack to load tracks - see my tutorial here: []


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Re: Tracks and mods
Date: June 13, 2019 10:21AM
Posted by: Bwoah10
you need to open TSM and select "manage profile" and then "create profile". Then you put the tracks you want in this. If you want to add a track by yourself then go to "manage tracks" and then "create track". Put wad, dat, bmp ecc.. there and you've finished
Re: Tracks and mods
Date: June 13, 2019 11:23PM
Posted by: xcornholio
I loaded trackpack, but when I'm trying to assign track to profile it shows, that there is missing .wad file. And second question is how can I assign profile to mod, I play GP4 for few months but I have been installing only specific trackpack to mod, and this is my first time when I try to install trackpack to mod for different year, so please be patient haha.
Re: Tracks and mods
Date: June 14, 2019 01:40AM
Posted by: xcornholio
Oh, it turned out that my 1985 mod is crashing, and I decided to use 1986 mod, it's working but, I made a profile named "1986", I loaded tracks, in mods configurable I picked 1986 profile as Bwoah10 said, but it's still loading default tracks, for example instead of Jacarepagua is Interlagos, or instead of Jerez is Catalunya. I'm getting really nervous ahh...
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